Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Read anything Good Lately?

I get asked that question a lot. I do book reviews but I also read religiously for entertainment, research, and educational purposes. Recently, an author contacted me with a copy of her book and asked me if I would read it and do a review. I need a few weeks to get that done, but in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to learn more about her and what she is doing in her career.

Who is Ryan … What’s her Name?

In 1973 a woman was told her baby would die at birth, if she could carry the child to term. She was advised to abort the child as her life was also at stake.

She refused. She wanted her own baby, and she was willing to take the risk.

With a death sentence upon my head, I was born healthy and screaming. I don’t think I’ve shut up yet. I’m grateful to my mother for her bravery and determination
to bring me into this world and for the confidence she continues to place in me.

I’m Ryan Hunter, at least in a fictional sense. I was actually born Robyn Walker and married into a last name no one else could spell, hence the pen name
… I’m the mother of five awesome children; an airman, a genius, a BMX addict, a zombie and an angel. I’m also married to a patient man who finds me the
time to write and even sends me on the occasional writing retreat when he realizes it’s needed, for his sanity or mine … I haven’t quite figured that one
out yet.

I’m an avid runner (it keeps me sane), I love to bake (it keeps me smiling), and of course I write (it fulfills something deep inside of me in a way I can’t
explain). I also dream, a lot. When I’m sleeping I dream of fantastic places or terrifying scenarios. When I’m awake I dream of traveling with my family,
the beach and anything else that makes me particularly happy.

I’m the author of two novels, Premeditated, the idea for which woke me in a panicked sweat; and inDIVISIBLE, another novel born of dreams and impressions
that haunted me relentlessly day and night until I made a pact with myself that if I wrote the story, I would allow myself to get some rest. It worked.

And I’ve been told it’s quite a success. That also makes me happy.

I wrote in high school, but had plans to be an architect. But when my kids were little, things changed suddenly.

One morning I woke up with a story idea stuck in my head, (which could have been better) that I had to get out. I could find no other way to relieve the
pressure than to start typing it out on the dinosaur of a computer I owned at the time.

I wrote in private. I hid my finished work, scared of what people would think if they knew I not only talked to myself but recorded the communications on
my hard-drive. I had self-doubt and fear and a stark lack of knowledge concerning anything to do with plotting.

I finally gained enough courage to “come out of the closet” and admit I was a writer. I sought help from a bestselling brother-in-law and instead of asking
me if I was crazy, he actually encouraged me to pursue it. He’s helped me nonstop throughout my adventures in writing.

I went on to publish two novels under my actual name and two published as Ryan Hunter. The first two were through traditional publishing because that’s
the way things were done. Ebooks weren’t around yet, seriously, I’d just barely gotten my first email account. But things changed: the publishing industry,
electronics and my name. I decided to take the challenge and the responsibility of self-publishing my next two books (in a completely different genre than
my first two, another reason for a pen name).

It’s more work with publicity and the whole reinvention process so people realize I’m still me, but I don’t think I’d change it. I’ve had a good response
to my work and look forward to creating the next two books in the One United trilogy, the follow-ups to inDIVISIBLE.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Author Review: Cheyrl Carpinello

I remember when I was in the sixth grade and I took my first history class. It was Utah History back then, and it was taught by the meanest, orneriest teacher in the Middle School. I hated history from then on: World History, U.S. History, Utah History, you name it. If it had a history in it it was my least favorite class. Now a much older and wiser person I am a history junkie. I love Historical Fiction, Historical Biographies, and family history. Even so, I still recall my complete lack of interest back when I was 12 in anything that did not have something to do with my life, my world, and my current problems.
     In Cheyrl Carpinello’s intermediate novels The Kings Ransome,  and Guenivere, Carpinello has brought history to life in an exciting, interesting, and fun-filled way. Her character’s have real pre-teen problems. Pressures to perform, being misunderstood by adults, wanting to dream their own dreams but feeling the responsabilities of growing up pressing in on them.
This author uses accurate historical descriptions and vanacular but still manages to tell stories from the middle ages in a way kids can understand; not just comprehend but feel.
     “I liked the pages. Trying so hard to be squires. I want to be a knight but it sounds hard and the pages got to have so much fun.”
          Matthew- age 11
     “I cfelt so sorry for Guenivere, I have to worry about what to wear to school, not who I have to Marry, and she didn’t even get to choose.”
          Sarah, age 12
Through the real life adventures of these kids in a time my young reading friends could not imagine, they became interested in the legends of King Arthur and then history.
These stories are beautifully and vibrantly told. You can picture the Castle keep. The Knights on their horses and The witch in all her terrific horror. Guenivere’s chase of the rabbit through the castle, had the kids I read with laughing, and the wild man had them all so intrigued that when we had to stop for the day and wait to finish the next, the kids couldn’t wait to get back to the story.
Ms. Carpinello’s portrayal of the King Arthur legends was fast paced enough for even some younger readers.
     “I thought it would be boring without pictures, but after reading outloud I didn’t even notice.”
          Kaison, age 8
     “It was fun to read, and I like the princess.”
          Hannah, age 9
     It was so much fun to read and enjoy a bit of history from these novels point of view. Cheyrle Carpinello is great at mixing historical accuracy with interesting stories and great characters. To find out more about Cheyrl Carpinello's books go to: 
MuseItUp, Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ibookstore 
Although a retired teacher, Cheryl Carpinello still has a passion for working with kids. She regularly conducts Medieval Writing Workshops for local elementary/middle schools and the Colorado Girl Scouts. She is not the only one who loves Medieval Times and the King Arthur Legend. The kids thoroughly enjoy writing their own medieval stories complete with dragons, wizards, unicorns and knights!

She loves to travel and her other job is with a major airline. Her favorite trip was a two week visit to Egypt with her husband that included traveling by local train from one end of Egypt to the other.

Some of her favorite books include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Once and Future King, and any by the duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

You can find out more about Cheryl Carpinello, her books and World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

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