About Killing Casanova

“I don’t know Jake that well,” Jana said, unlocking Cassie’s door. “From what I’ve heard, He’ll make you have feelings…feelings you can’t fight, or He’ll be that guy your mom always warned you about.” “Cassie sighed and clicked her seatbelt. “Either way Jana, If I were you…I’d run for your life”

In the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada, Jake Caswell claims the skills and reputation of infamous womanizer ‘Casanova’, until he meets Cassie Taylor, who is seemingly oblivious to Jake’s irresistible charms. Jake determines to add Cassie to Casanova’s list of conquests and unknowingly pulls her into his troubled life. Cassie uncovers old tragic wounds and a world of violence she did not expect, and her   own life is at risk from Casanova’s enemies. Worse, she fears the truth about him will leave her heart as the next victim of Casanova’s flawed perceptions. Will Cassie be able to uncover the man behind the mask amidst the threat of peril? Is there hope for love in a tangled web of danger   and blind distrust?

”for the life of me Jake, I just can’t see what everyone else around here sees in you.” Jake smirked caustically, “Maybe that just means you should have your eyes checked.” Cassie shook her head helplessly and then laughed, “Maybe that just means I see through the masks other people can’t see through.”

 It all makes sense now Natalie.Why its all I can see. It is not the ugliest part of me. I can’t stand looking at Casanova.”

---“I learned that that losing something or someone is not a place to stand still. It is a drop off into a new reality: cold brutal, and painful but not as bad as teetering on the edge of a past there is no way to go backward to.”

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