Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yes, Virginia...

 Since I was a child, perhaps since the beginning of time, The question has been asked; "Is therethere really a Santa Clause?" Big brothers and sisters have enjoyed the torment of their younger siblings by informing the believers; There is no Santa Clause.
I am a believer of magic. the divine brilliant power that God gives to all of his children to do his will in this world. You can no more prove to me that there is no Santa Clause then you can prove to me there is no God. Our responsability as the children of this omnipotent being is to believe in the wonders of his powers, and to me that means Santa clause. I have experienced a load of toys and gifts being dropped off at my house by an anonymous that not Santa Clause?
 The best response to this question was given in 1899 by The New York Sun newspaper to a little girl named Virginia O'Hanlon. Her father told her; "If you want to know ask The Sun. If its in The Sun, its so."

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know they are bound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would the world be if there were no Santa Clause!"    

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm A Great Writer...In My Own Head

                A few years ago, I was listening to a series of audio books; while recovering from a kidney transplant. These particular novels were topping the best seller lists and taking the country by storm. I hated them. The characters were underdeveloped, the story line was too slow, and I was not engaged in the plot…blah, blah, blah.
                I can do better than this. I told myself. If I know what’s wrong with these books, then I can write better ones. Armed with my sure knowledge of how to be a great writer I set out to write a series of stories that would top this pathetic group I had been reading.
                A year and a half later…I can’t read what I wrote; it is so bad.
                What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that a little talent and determination are all you need to write good stories. While that may be true; being a great writer in your own head leaves your stories good for… only you.
                Learning How to be a good writer takes patience and hard work. More importantly, it takes readers who like what you write. If it doesn’t make sense, capture, or entice a reader; it is worthless. One of the best tools I have found in my quest to be a better author; is a thorough critique.
                I am part of a critique group. A group of writers who listens to my work and then tells me what does and doesn’t work. The other members of the group get the same feedback on their work and then each of us has more than just ourselves to impress.
                I also send out short stories, essays and shorter work to on-line critiques, and to members of the three writing groups I belong to.
                The feedback of other writers is invaluable. Not only do I get to hear what readers will be thinking, but I get the talent, expertise and know-how of an entire universe of great writer’s. It’s like living in the library and having the books converse with me          
                My critique group made it possible for me to get Killing Casanova ready for the publisher. Thanks to the hard work done by the critiques, edits were minor and the manuscript was immediately accepted for publication.
                That original set of stories I wrote all those years ago, are being critiqued right now. I hope to get them in to publication sometime this next year. Rescuing my writing from my own flawed perceptions of what works is the reason I love critiques.
If you want people to read your work and then gush about how brilliant it is; give it to your mom or your best friend. If you want to be a great writer, not just in your own head; join a critique group. You won’t be sorry

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trapped In A Pyramid

    Hot wind blows; the grit and dirt making my teeth as rough as  sand paper. The blaring sun teases sweat across my knitted brow as I focus on lifting my legs to climb to the top of the ancient Egyptian Pyramid.
     Sounds brutal...right? This is not an Egyptian pyramid; its a marketing pyramid, and I am in up to my knees.
     Before you panic, unfriend me, or list my blog and e-mail as spam, I messed up a perfectly good opportunity for readers to find good books and great writers.
     I was given the chance to answer some questions about a novel I am working on and then share the blog sites of other author's who are doing the same. It sounds simple enough, Right?

     Well, it should have been. However, I posted my questions and answers a week early, as part of another blogging pyramid. fulfill my end of the bargain, and because this is a great way to find out about new authors and upcoming books. I am posting today so you can link back to the original post. It was just last wednesday, but I will post the link anyway and I hope you will explore this pyramid for great books, and awesome authors.
     Thanks for the patience and go check out, and also look on my blog for a list of blogs I follow that have these great writers and others.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tag You're It!

   One of the authors I reviewed on my blog a few months ago has tagged me for her blog on our Works In Progress. (WIp).
 During the month of November, I have set a goal to at least finish the rough draft of my current WIP, so I will be answering ten questions surrounding this project and posting them here for all interested and then Galen Rose, The author of A Place To Rest My Heart.  has posted her answers about her upcoming work along with other authors she has tagged. If you are looking for books to put on your 'to read' list this is a great way to learn about up and coming authors and novels. You can find her blog at

What is the title of your book?This novel is a spin-off of Killing Casanova and takes a character from that book and follows her into another part of her life. The title is Burning Bridger and is slotted for the next portion of the Killing Casanova saga.
Where did the idea for the book come from?
 i have had a number of readers ask me what is the next part of the Killing Casanova Series. I did not write Killing Casanova expecting it to be a series. When  readers kept asking me for the next story I had to seriously sit down and interview some of my characters and find out if there was another story wanting to be told. After interviewing Lilly Pinion, Casanova's counterpart, she told me the story of what happened to her after Jake Caswell got his happy ending. The title was, of course, inspired by the words of a song. What genre does your book fall under?
romantic suspense. Its my favorite sub-genre.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

That's a difficult question for a blind writer since I haven't seen a leading man in a movie for years. I am always a Chris Hemsworth fan, because I love his deep voice, and Bridger Jacoby is blond. As for Lilly she is Hispanic , and beautiful, I am open to suggestions on actresses that readers think might fit a fiery, confident Latina woman in her twenties.What is the one-sentence synopsis of the book: Running  to Maui sends Lilly pinion headlong into the arms of Bridger Jacoby; her protector and savior despite her fear of too powerful men, and an unknown enemy out for blood revenge.Will your book be self-published or represented by an agent? I am hoping to sell my publisher for Killing Casanova the next part of the story. I haven't queried , Crimson Romance, so I can't speak to the representation.How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
 I am still working on the first draft but generally I can finish a rough draft in a month or less. A publishable version can take anywhere from months, to years. I am hoping to have it ready for querey by January.

What other books would you compare this to within your genre? One of my favorite author's is Dorothy Keddington, and my beta readers have found that my work reminds them of her earlier work. Who or What inspired you to write this book?
 Life demands so much from our young adults now days. They face war, death, evil, and temptation daily.  I like stories about individuals who have every reason in the world to give up but don't. I especially like characters who are losing the battles on their own, but learning, trusting and loving make them stronger together.What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?  I think the suspense factor, fast paced, and littered with Hawaiian tourist attractions will be interesting. People who have never experienced Maui will find the settings exciting.  People who have will follow the characters on the precipice of sea caves, bamboo forests, and Volcanic Mountains
Now, the problem with WIP is the P part. Burning Bridger is still in the process of becoming even a manuscript, but I hope to find a home for it and my other  works in progress as well. Keep your eyes open for more information on Burning Bridger and Look for Killing Casanova on e-book, Print on Demand, and now audio as well through

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Music To My Ears

As a blind writer I rely on many different sensations to fill my mind and imagination for stories, plots, and characters in my novels. I enjoy learning and researching people, places, and experiences through the internet and books; as well as real life.
  I register sounds and smells more consciously than anything else. I have been an auditory learner since I was a little girl. I have always been drawn to poetry and songs because of the predictability and pattern that is part of their make-up. I "Feel" the words of songs more than I hear them.Perhaps that is the reason I have such a deep respect for lyricists.

  The job of a lyricist is more demanding than that of an author of a book. Author's have thousands of words to explain a story or emotion. A lyricist must accomplish in 16-20 lines what authors have volumes to accomplish. The discipline and talent involved with writing poetry and songs can not even be compared to other genre's.
  I must admit though, as an author, I benefit from this deep well of gifted words. Some of my best ideas for stories come from the words of songs. In my current novel, 'Killing Casanova', the line-"A snake with blue eyes"  is the perfect example of a powerful image created in just a few words.
  Often writers will include a play list along with their novels. A list of music they listened to and that inspired them while they were developing a particular character, or scene. It is a great reservoir of inspiration even if you don't enjoy that particular kind of music.
  Songs and poems are like short stories. Listen carefully to the words of the songs on the radio the next time you are in a car. Try to hear the story in a song the next time you hear your favorite tune. The highest level of appreciating any artistic work is to see or hear it with your heart. Let music move and inspire you and you will begin to hear it with more than just your ears.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just A Quick Note

Good news for anyone who wants to read books in audio form but you can't find an audio version. A company called BLIO has over 300,000 titles of books in e-format that can be purchased along with a voice to read the text.
This is especially nice for all my visually impaired friends, but also nice if you are interested in audio versions of books. Killing Casanova, along with other Crimson Romance titles are now available through blio at the former link. Search out a title you are interested in and see if they have it. The good news is after you have purchased one voice you can purchase any book from and never have to buy another voice. Give it a try and keep reading.
That last link is faulty. either the link or the person who posted it. ha ha try this one.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Tale of The Boat

     A story is told of a man leaving the safety and comfort of his home to embark on a long journey. His travels will take him through a dark and dense forest; lush, beautiful, and fraught with peril. As the man begins his journey he only notices the spongy carpet of moss and pine needles beneath his feet. His eyes are delighted by the dappled sunlight that caresses his shoulders and warms his face. He smells only pine, flowers and rich earth. He feels the secure embrace of the forest all around him and he begins to enjoy the road.
     Soon his ears detect the sound of other travelers and he delights with the prospect of meeting other people along his way. He slows his step to give the others a chance to catch up; anxious for the company. As the voices of his companions draw nearer he discovers; they are not other travelers. They are bandits who have lain in wait for an unfortunate passerby. They begin to crowd in on him and fall apon his innosence and  good nature. Before he is overwhelmed, the man finds the strength and will to fight back and flee his attackers. As he plunges headlong into the forest; now only dark and forboding. He comes up on a large body of water blocking his escape. He has put great distance between himself and the bandits as he is one man, moving swiftly and caring only for survival. This body of water stands as a barrior to his freedom and his flight insticnts devise a plan. Working quickly he fells a few of the trees all around him and fashions himself a boat. It is a small craft, but heavy and sturdy enough to hold him and cross the great waters. Paddling with all his might he escapes across the water and leaves his attackers behind him.
     On the opposite shore, the man breathes a little easier as he notes the vast barrior between he and the pursuers. However, he must now walk deeper into what he knows is a dangerous forest fraught with peril and the possibility of attack. As the man raises enough courage in his heart to keep going, he glances down at the valiant and useful boat beside him and asks himself. "Should I carry the boat with me? It has saved and assisted me in the past. It could be useful in the future if I am fallen upon by more bandits. If I carry the boat I will be prepared for the next attack. Should I carry the boat?"
     Our lives are like the man and his boat. Just when we begin to believe we are safe reality will pursue and remind us that we do not live in the enchanted forest. Despite this truth; Should we carry the boat?
     Did our experiences in the dark forest give us the knowledge, strength, and skills we need to forge ahead. If the need once again arises; Can we build another boat? Does clinging to our past, no matter how useful it was, slow and weigh us down? Will our progress be hindered if we carry the past along instead of acknowledging  and being grateful for its assistance? Should we carry the boat?
     Often we cling to what worked before because it feels safe, and our past experiences teach us that the boat is the answer. The truth is; it was never the boat. It was the strength, faith, courage, and skill that the man employed to build the boat that saved him. If you are carrying your boat...set it down. You are strong, wise, and prepared for whatever comes next. Don't let the past weigh you down and hold you back. Let go of the boat. Forage ahead. Live your life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

World of Ink Blog Tour Oct.-Nov.

 this month and next month I will be participating in a blog tour with The World of Ink Network. It is for book clubs and anyone who is interested in finding out more about me, my writing, or my bookKilling Casanova. This is the schedule of where and when my blogs will be posted come see me and learn more about me and my book.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A reason For Everything?

 I have been missing as far as social media is concerned because three weeks ago I went in for surgery and all Hell broke loose. In many ways from my perspective there were times when I literally felt as if I were standing at the gates of a darkness that would swallow me. I know now, that it was just the trauma my body was experiencing that my mind and soul was having a difficult time understanding. Its all very confusing so I will start over at the beginning and try to explain.
I have been a juvenile diabetic since the age of 8. This type of diabetes comes from having an organ known as the pancreas fail to make a digestive hormone called insulin. It is also known as Type I Diabetes and over the course of many years it can do great damage. I have been medically and nutritionally compliant since I was 19 and recieved an insulin pump. Now that does not mean I have controlled the disease, it just means I have worked with my doctors to try and minimize the damage the disease can cause. I have not had a lot of luck though. I lost my vision at 23, I had 2 premature babies because of kidney failure and I lost my kidneys completely at 35. Three years ago my brother gave me one of his kidneys and changed my whole life. I have been healthier and stronger in the last three years than ever before. When my doctors learned of my hard work and determination to fight the diabetes they put me on a list for a pancreas transplant as a permanant way to treat this disease and stop its progression. Three weeks ago I was called and told they had a pancreas for me, and my family and I drove at 3:00 a. m. for surgery. For about 24 hours the transplant did wonderfully. I was sore and tired but my body was working for the first time in over 30 years. As you can imagine we were thrilled. two days after the transplant the arterial flow of blood from the pancreas into the grafted part of my digestive tract kept working, but the veinous flow, removing blood, no longer worked. The organ began to struggle and eventually died.  I was in horrible amounts of pain, bleeding into my stomach and had to be opened back up two days after being cut open from my sternum to my pelvis. I had a difficult time grasping what was happening to me I was weak, hurting and almost delirious with medications and surgery. I drifted in and out for two or three more days. I remember only flashes of pain, extreme thirst, and endless days and nights that seemed to blur together until I did not know what day it was. As I weakened and struggled my husband had to take our kids home and get them back in school and he had to go back to work, so my sister stayed with me as they tried to help me get better. Soon we discovered my stomach was bleeding and if we didn't get it to stop, I would eventually bleed to death, or lose so much blood that my transplanted kidney would die and I would have to have it removed and go back on dialysis. I went in for another surgery on my digestive tract where they coterized the bleeding and removed my appendix. There was not a problem with my appendix, except that it lay directly on top of an abdomenable artery, and if it ever became infected the infection would go directly into my arterial blood flow and I would become septic. After all of this was accomplished I started to get better, I still struggled with bloody vomit and getting the blood out of my stomach but I stopped losing blood, and eventually was strong enough to come home.
     I have been home and healing with the help and constant care of my family, friends, and the wonderful people who live around me. I have truly been held up by the hands of unseen and human angels. I have been asked a number of times what all of this was for, what was the reason I had to go through it all. I am still a diabetic, I have been either down and out or nearly dead for three weeks, and I have nothing to show for it except a very large scar stretching down the middle of my stomach. Shouldn't I be angry, or scared, or demanding answers?
     The truth is I don't know. I don't know why bad things happen to innocent people. I don't know if there is a reason for disease, death, tragedy, and trauma. I do know the longer I live and the more I go through, the stronger I get. I have talked before about setting your mind and heart to your dreams and making them come true, perhaps it is because I know how much greater the reward when the journey is difficult. There May not be an immediate reward with this one. I may not ever have anything to show for my struggles except that scar but...
What if I don't go to bed one night with a sore appendix and never wake up , because it isn't there to kill me. What if the reason this pancreas died makes it so the next person to recieve a transplant doesn't go through it. What if the outpouring of love and support I got from the people in my life is all I ever see from this experience? Was there a reason?
 A wise man once said: "If not for the night sky, the stars would never be seen." I see sparks of starlight all around me because I know the blackness of the night, That is reason enough for me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Author Review: Galen Rose

A dark and Stormy night, a lost and broken heroine, and one last chance at love. The makings of a great story. Can you imagine my disappointment when it was written in first person point of view. For all you readers out there who don't know what First Person Point of View is: It is when the author speaks as the main character., for example the use of I, me, my and other first person pro-nouns.
   "I looked around the darkened room. It felt to me like I was being buried alive , as my heart pounded and my lungs fought for every breath."
FPPOv sounds something like that. When I began reading "A Place To Rest my Heart" by Galen Rose, The FPPOV was immediately distracting. I hate books written in this POV. The heroine's are often narsusistic, underdeveloped and annoyingly stupid. When an entire story is told from this POV and the person telling it isn't learning from the information; at best its distracting. At worst it will ruin the story.Much to my delight I quickly learned,  Galen is a master of this point of view.
     As I read and learned about all the character's from the perspective of the main character, Laney Murphy, I of course, had my own opinions of them. Often they were different than Laney's. Through Ms. Rose's careful and patient development of Laney's character and background I understood why she felt and thought the way she did. I didn't think she was too stupid to see the truth. She was seeing the world from her POV and I believed her. Yes she missed important clues, didn't trust her heart and screwed things up because she made instinctual decisions that were bound in a broken past, but I didn't care. Laney was strong, determined, protective, and smart. She had good reasons to make her choices the way she did. She was hurt, broken, vulnerable and scared but her character was so well developed that it gave her point of view in the story credibility. When she ran, fought, defended, and argued. I was proud of her. When she cried, loved hurt and was needy. I understood. When she didn't trust, I didn't blame her. When she let a man who loved her go, I felt her pain.
I was most impressed with Galen Rose's ability to tell such a powerful story in a FPPOv, because I rarely find stories I enjoy told in first person. To find Galen's work look her or the title of her book up onAmazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, I-tunes and Crimson Romance. You can find "A place To Rest My Heart" on most sites that sell e-books or romances. It is worth the read.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogger Slob

 Friends, Romans, countrymen...No that's the wrong speech. One if by land...No still wrong.
     The truth is i have been derelict in my blogging duties and now I need something amazing to include so more than six people will look at it. )Don't pretend you aren't the sixth one on the list."
I have been spending alot of time trying to reach out to other blogs and introduce my work and my book. An author needs their name heard by a single reader at least nine times before that reader will remember it. Its pressure to make that happen. Short of renting an icecream truck and replacing the annoying circus music with a loud speaker that screams my name, I don't have any brilliant ideas about how to get my name out there. I do appreciate all the reviews of "Killing Casanova" and the likes on my amazon page, but due to my marketing frenzy I have let the blog slide. I am truly shagrined in this arena and promise that if at least 10 people actually look at the blog and leave me a comment I will do a better job. Otherwise I guess I will just keep harassing you from facebook and twitter.  I know that's not much of a threat coming from the twidiot but what ever works. I will have another author review next week and I may branch out and do blog posts from other authors. Stay `tuned in for mor and I will come up with something more original than stealing from Shakespeare.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adventures with Elvis the Elevator

There has been far too much serious stuff on my blog lately. I don't know about you but I need a good laugh at my expense.
Back in May, I attended the National Federation of the Blind State convention. I did not realize when this trip started out the biggest problem I would encounter would not be the broken down bus, the lone crossing of 6th south in SLC or the fact that I paid for three nights of convention and only had a room for one. My most serious situations would befall me in an elevator.
Now, first I have to assure you, it is not a blind thing. Blind people are more than capable of surviving elevators on their own. This is a me, thing. I have a particular disability that makes it so I met disaster that day. I have acomprehendning technology idiotical disorder; if it has electronic components and buttons to push I automatically qualify for federal funding, because I will screw it up.
This is not a registered disability, but I'm sure if I could get someone in the federal government to require me to e-mail or attach a url in order to vote for them. It would fast become their leading cause. but I digress...
One day after a long afternoon of classes and speeches I went to my room at The Red Lion Inn to take my blood sugar and get ready for dinner. Craig Applegate, a friend of mine was going to wait for me by the bank of elevators on the main floor so he, his wife,  and I could go to dinner. I quickly did my stuff and found my way to the elevator, humming innocently down the hall from my room. I should have suspected that quiet innocence from the beginning. Once inside the doors with Love Me Tender  by Elvis Presley playing in the back ground, I attempted to locate the correct button for the ground floor..
By some evil trick of good old Elvis i was on the only elevator in the entire Hotel that went to the laundry room in the basement. Because I don't read Braille, I counted the buttons on the right side of the panel until I found the one for Lobby and pressed it. You would never suspect all Hell would break loose with the push of one button, but it did.
First I ended up in the basement having an argument with a chinese man about what floor I was on. Unfortunately I don't speak chinese and could not explain to him where I wanted to go. He yelled something at me, stabbed a finger against the buttons, and off I went. Next I found myself on a random floor of the hotel and had to wander for fifteen minutes before a very nice Spanish lady informed me I was now on the third floor. Luckily for me, I speak spanish.
Once again Elvis and I took our positions and I counted down to the first floor. Foiled again, Elvis was on his way to the 9th floor first.
With my arrival I knew something was wrong. For one thing The hotels bar is on the roof and there were far too many people willing to help. There were however, not enough sober people to get be back to the lobby. Next I arrived on the fifth floor, where I sank to the carpet beside Elvis' portal to the unknown and answered my ringing phone. "Where are you, Traci." Craig demanded. "I've been watching the elevators and you haven't come out yet."
     "Is there one going up and down like a yo-yo," i sighed. "because that's me."
     If Craig had stopped laughing at me long enough to help I could have been happily munching on dinner, but while he tried to control his fits of hysteria, I found a blind guy that reads Braille and he put me back on track. While Elvis purred about the benefits of blue shoes I begged him for mercy and stepped back in the elevator.
I don't know how many more floors I landed on before I recognized Craig's snorts and guffaws and I escaped Elvis' embrace. By this time I was so tired and frustrated all I wanted to do was go back to my room and take a nap, but Craig wasn't letting me out of his sight(good thing it was his wife who was blind) and, there was no way I was going back with Elvis.
The moral of this story: learn to speak more than one language, stay out of bars, and if you are blind read Braille. I am working on the Braille thing. I can read all the letters of the alphabet now, and I know how to turn letters a-j into the numbers 1-10. I will never be thwarted by elevators or bathroom signs again.
I know what you are thinking, but a good plan starts with a hope for the best and a desire to avoid  Elvis.

Monday, August 13, 2012

APlace For My voice

 Killing Casanova is my first published novel, but it is not the first one I wrote.When I began writing seriously, not just entertaining my family and friends; I was untrained and barely skilled. As I have learned the craft of writing I have begun to realize That there are portions of many different genre's that I can write a story in. It would be simpler if I were not so scattered, but it is also a blessing that I have so many choices. The problem is that in order to really write good stories you must first be true to your voice and then find a genre that fits you. I like Young Adult fiction, Adult fiction, Fantasy, Western, Historical. I enjoy some paranormal, sci-fi and mystery. First and foremost I like love to change people. If I can find that, I like the story. The Library for the Blind sends me a conglomeration of books because my tastes are so varied. what I read has a powerful effect on what I write. I read a blog that said: Every good writer reads religiously. I am learning to hear my own voice when I write but I still struggle to feel I have a home for it.
 A friend of mine; A writer of young adult fiction,gave me great advice. She told me that if I am true to my voice; the story will tell itself. I hope when, or if you read Killing Casanova you will hear the story of two people who have been influenced by their past but choose to love, trust, and live; despite pain and loss. I think this is my voice. In my world love and trust really do conquer all. It healed a heart broken by death, betrayal, abuse, and loss. I have lived in darkness, despair, depression and doubt. I do not speak of things I don't know. I don't pretend the world is a fantasy. I do believe. That laughter heals. That hope lives and that love and light are divine. If I can find a place for my voice in my books maybe you can find a place for my books in your life. If you have read Killing Casanova: Thank You for taking a risk on my voice. If you're still thinking about it...Read it, and listen; you might hear something you like.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Author Review

Recently I have read two books by Maine author Bobbi Lachance. She reviewed my novel 'KIlling Casanova" on goodreads and amazon and I wanted to read her work as well, to get an idea of her style and voice. I read her first novel 'Wishes' quickly followed up by her second "Cobwebs'. One of the things that impressed me with her work was her ability to tell a story that was placed in a timeframe anywher from thirty to forty years in the past. This is not a difficult time frame to work with but in her story telling, I did not feel like there was a generation gap. When there were references to the time frame I had to remind myself that the story was in the pastt. It did not feel out of time and even though there were no references to computers, cell phones, or facebook. Her story was believable out of time..
 The other part of her books I enjoyed was her ability to create romances that were believable through multiple characters. Whether it was the first time romance of her leading characters, the live-inrelationships of secondary characters, or the marriages of other people in the story. Her romances were well developed and believable.
 Bobbi Lachance has a gift for story telling and I enjoyed both romances. You can find her work on Amazon and you can contact her at

Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Powers

    I read a blog a few weeks ago about a romance that was set in a contemporary setting, with ordinary people who suddenly discover they have super powers. A modern marvel comic that is more romance thatn comic book. I was intrigued by the idea and the premise of having super powers suddenly change a life. I was talking to my chiropractor about the idea of his specialized treatment having not only the capacity to help me heal but the capacity to release a super power. It was then that he pointed out to me; what greater power in the world is there than the power to heal?
     Dr. Kyle Durieux of Simply Health Chiropractic, is not your every day chiropractor. Dr. Durieux deals with upper cervical spine misalignment. 95 % of all nerves pass directly through the first and second vertebrae after leaving the brain. The pressure of the weight of a dime decreases the productivity of a nerve by 70%. If the majority of your nerves are being depressed think of how much your mind and body are not doing to heal itself. Think of the super powers that might be present if your mind body connection were in tact. I have been working with Dr. Durieux for just a few weeks, but already I see more light, my blood sugars are lower and my body feels the difference. If any of you are interested in unlocking super powers, you can find Dr. Durieux at Simply Health Chiropractic in St. George, Utah. at simplyhealthychiropractic on face book. or by calling 435-688-0444. He doesn't promise you super powers, but you should expect miracles.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lindley, Nevada?

  One of my readers asked me a few days ago where exactly Lindley, Nevada is. Just to fill people in Lindley, Nevada is the ranch community where the setting for 'Killing Casanova' (the book I wrote)takes place.
Truthfully there is no such place. I don't even know if there are towns located in the area where I placed the story. I read some of the descriptions that Jedediah Smith wrote about his explorations around Utah in the late 1800's. In a trip he took from The Great Salt Lake, he traveld south, through the mojave desert, until he was south of the Sierra nevadas, and went into California. He and his party of mountain men, Native Americans, trappers, ex-slaves, and a bad tempered cook were eventually chased out of California by the Spanish government. Spain held California at that time and Jedediah's party did not have papers allowing them entrance into California. They left, traveling North and then crossed through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Needing to get back to The Great Salt Lake in time for rendeveaux, They crossed the Northern tip of Nevada before heading into Utah.
  The account I read was so descriptive. The trees, the water, the dry parched desert once you went more than a few miles away from the mountains. The sceen came alive for me, and I imagined a group of ranchers, long ago, setting up a community there. The high meadows for summer grazing, the spring run off for crops and the beauty of living where two such different eco-systems touch and embrace. The research I did helped me with the Federal Land Grant, The horses and a feasable way for people to make a living in a place like that. One of the great benefits of seeing things through descriptions is that I can create worlds, well small towns at least, that live and breathe even if they don't exist anywhere except in my mind.
  I hope that answers your question, its probably more information than you were hoping for, but at least you'll know the area I am talking about, if not Lindley itself.