Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trapped In A Pyramid

    Hot wind blows; the grit and dirt making my teeth as rough as  sand paper. The blaring sun teases sweat across my knitted brow as I focus on lifting my legs to climb to the top of the ancient Egyptian Pyramid.
     Sounds brutal...right? This is not an Egyptian pyramid; its a marketing pyramid, and I am in up to my knees.
     Before you panic, unfriend me, or list my blog and e-mail as spam, I messed up a perfectly good opportunity for readers to find good books and great writers.
     I was given the chance to answer some questions about a novel I am working on and then share the blog sites of other author's who are doing the same. It sounds simple enough, Right?

     Well, it should have been. However, I posted my questions and answers a week early, as part of another blogging pyramid. fulfill my end of the bargain, and because this is a great way to find out about new authors and upcoming books. I am posting today so you can link back to the original post. It was just last wednesday, but I will post the link anyway and I hope you will explore this pyramid for great books, and awesome authors.
     Thanks for the patience and go check out, and also look on my blog for a list of blogs I follow that have these great writers and others.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tag You're It!

   One of the authors I reviewed on my blog a few months ago has tagged me for her blog on our Works In Progress. (WIp).
 During the month of November, I have set a goal to at least finish the rough draft of my current WIP, so I will be answering ten questions surrounding this project and posting them here for all interested and then Galen Rose, The author of A Place To Rest My Heart.  has posted her answers about her upcoming work along with other authors she has tagged. If you are looking for books to put on your 'to read' list this is a great way to learn about up and coming authors and novels. You can find her blog at

What is the title of your book?This novel is a spin-off of Killing Casanova and takes a character from that book and follows her into another part of her life. The title is Burning Bridger and is slotted for the next portion of the Killing Casanova saga.
Where did the idea for the book come from?
 i have had a number of readers ask me what is the next part of the Killing Casanova Series. I did not write Killing Casanova expecting it to be a series. When  readers kept asking me for the next story I had to seriously sit down and interview some of my characters and find out if there was another story wanting to be told. After interviewing Lilly Pinion, Casanova's counterpart, she told me the story of what happened to her after Jake Caswell got his happy ending. The title was, of course, inspired by the words of a song. What genre does your book fall under?
romantic suspense. Its my favorite sub-genre.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

That's a difficult question for a blind writer since I haven't seen a leading man in a movie for years. I am always a Chris Hemsworth fan, because I love his deep voice, and Bridger Jacoby is blond. As for Lilly she is Hispanic , and beautiful, I am open to suggestions on actresses that readers think might fit a fiery, confident Latina woman in her twenties.What is the one-sentence synopsis of the book: Running  to Maui sends Lilly pinion headlong into the arms of Bridger Jacoby; her protector and savior despite her fear of too powerful men, and an unknown enemy out for blood revenge.Will your book be self-published or represented by an agent? I am hoping to sell my publisher for Killing Casanova the next part of the story. I haven't queried , Crimson Romance, so I can't speak to the representation.How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
 I am still working on the first draft but generally I can finish a rough draft in a month or less. A publishable version can take anywhere from months, to years. I am hoping to have it ready for querey by January.

What other books would you compare this to within your genre? One of my favorite author's is Dorothy Keddington, and my beta readers have found that my work reminds them of her earlier work. Who or What inspired you to write this book?
 Life demands so much from our young adults now days. They face war, death, evil, and temptation daily.  I like stories about individuals who have every reason in the world to give up but don't. I especially like characters who are losing the battles on their own, but learning, trusting and loving make them stronger together.What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?  I think the suspense factor, fast paced, and littered with Hawaiian tourist attractions will be interesting. People who have never experienced Maui will find the settings exciting.  People who have will follow the characters on the precipice of sea caves, bamboo forests, and Volcanic Mountains
Now, the problem with WIP is the P part. Burning Bridger is still in the process of becoming even a manuscript, but I hope to find a home for it and my other  works in progress as well. Keep your eyes open for more information on Burning Bridger and Look for Killing Casanova on e-book, Print on Demand, and now audio as well through

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Music To My Ears

As a blind writer I rely on many different sensations to fill my mind and imagination for stories, plots, and characters in my novels. I enjoy learning and researching people, places, and experiences through the internet and books; as well as real life.
  I register sounds and smells more consciously than anything else. I have been an auditory learner since I was a little girl. I have always been drawn to poetry and songs because of the predictability and pattern that is part of their make-up. I "Feel" the words of songs more than I hear them.Perhaps that is the reason I have such a deep respect for lyricists.

  The job of a lyricist is more demanding than that of an author of a book. Author's have thousands of words to explain a story or emotion. A lyricist must accomplish in 16-20 lines what authors have volumes to accomplish. The discipline and talent involved with writing poetry and songs can not even be compared to other genre's.
  I must admit though, as an author, I benefit from this deep well of gifted words. Some of my best ideas for stories come from the words of songs. In my current novel, 'Killing Casanova', the line-"A snake with blue eyes"  is the perfect example of a powerful image created in just a few words.
  Often writers will include a play list along with their novels. A list of music they listened to and that inspired them while they were developing a particular character, or scene. It is a great reservoir of inspiration even if you don't enjoy that particular kind of music.
  Songs and poems are like short stories. Listen carefully to the words of the songs on the radio the next time you are in a car. Try to hear the story in a song the next time you hear your favorite tune. The highest level of appreciating any artistic work is to see or hear it with your heart. Let music move and inspire you and you will begin to hear it with more than just your ears.