Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Name Is EGO

It's a huge character flaw. A rather unattractive part of my personality.  Everything I hate about leading men in romances. Honestly though, My name is ego. Its what I love best about a good romance. A person with huge amounts of ego desires to be admired and the center of attention.
The charge and exhilaration of reading a really good romance is part and parcel of all the attention the lead gets when their significant other goes from just being attracted to willing to do anything to have their love.
It doesn't matter if you're a single mom who needs love. A stay at home mom who needs adult conversation. A working woman who wants to be spoiled and admired or a happily married woman who wants a little spark of romance in her life. We all feed our ego with Romance. It's the reason every genre of book out there has a bit of romance in it. Our ego's are what we have in common.
Now...if you know anybody with an ego, you know their ego needs to be stroked. Often and skillfully. It's why great romances have the largest following and sales of any other genre. It's also why they are more consistent than any other group. We need each other. Those of us  who are in love with being in love. As well as those of us who love to write about being in love in their stories. do we find each other? Where do I go to find people who want to read about ordinary people with problems who heal from love?
Maybe I'm asking the wrong question? Maybe what I should be asking is; What does your ego need from a romance novel to help you feel stroked, skillfully and often?
If you read the entire blog...Please leave me a comment and tell me what your ego needs. Maybe you want to be paid attention to on facebook, twitter or some other social media? Tell me about it.
Maybe you need more romance and less action? Let me know.
How can I stroke your ego so my writing isn't about me, but all about you!
I need to let my own ego go and focus on yours. Let me have it!

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