Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just A Quick Note

Good news for anyone who wants to read books in audio form but you can't find an audio version. A company called BLIO has over 300,000 titles of books in e-format that can be purchased along with a voice to read the text.
This is especially nice for all my visually impaired friends, but also nice if you are interested in audio versions of books. Killing Casanova, along with other Crimson Romance titles are now available through blio at the former link. Search out a title you are interested in and see if they have it. The good news is after you have purchased one voice you can purchase any book from and never have to buy another voice. Give it a try and keep reading.
That last link is faulty. either the link or the person who posted it. ha ha try this one.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Tale of The Boat

     A story is told of a man leaving the safety and comfort of his home to embark on a long journey. His travels will take him through a dark and dense forest; lush, beautiful, and fraught with peril. As the man begins his journey he only notices the spongy carpet of moss and pine needles beneath his feet. His eyes are delighted by the dappled sunlight that caresses his shoulders and warms his face. He smells only pine, flowers and rich earth. He feels the secure embrace of the forest all around him and he begins to enjoy the road.
     Soon his ears detect the sound of other travelers and he delights with the prospect of meeting other people along his way. He slows his step to give the others a chance to catch up; anxious for the company. As the voices of his companions draw nearer he discovers; they are not other travelers. They are bandits who have lain in wait for an unfortunate passerby. They begin to crowd in on him and fall apon his innosence and  good nature. Before he is overwhelmed, the man finds the strength and will to fight back and flee his attackers. As he plunges headlong into the forest; now only dark and forboding. He comes up on a large body of water blocking his escape. He has put great distance between himself and the bandits as he is one man, moving swiftly and caring only for survival. This body of water stands as a barrior to his freedom and his flight insticnts devise a plan. Working quickly he fells a few of the trees all around him and fashions himself a boat. It is a small craft, but heavy and sturdy enough to hold him and cross the great waters. Paddling with all his might he escapes across the water and leaves his attackers behind him.
     On the opposite shore, the man breathes a little easier as he notes the vast barrior between he and the pursuers. However, he must now walk deeper into what he knows is a dangerous forest fraught with peril and the possibility of attack. As the man raises enough courage in his heart to keep going, he glances down at the valiant and useful boat beside him and asks himself. "Should I carry the boat with me? It has saved and assisted me in the past. It could be useful in the future if I am fallen upon by more bandits. If I carry the boat I will be prepared for the next attack. Should I carry the boat?"
     Our lives are like the man and his boat. Just when we begin to believe we are safe reality will pursue and remind us that we do not live in the enchanted forest. Despite this truth; Should we carry the boat?
     Did our experiences in the dark forest give us the knowledge, strength, and skills we need to forge ahead. If the need once again arises; Can we build another boat? Does clinging to our past, no matter how useful it was, slow and weigh us down? Will our progress be hindered if we carry the past along instead of acknowledging  and being grateful for its assistance? Should we carry the boat?
     Often we cling to what worked before because it feels safe, and our past experiences teach us that the boat is the answer. The truth is; it was never the boat. It was the strength, faith, courage, and skill that the man employed to build the boat that saved him. If you are carrying your boat...set it down. You are strong, wise, and prepared for whatever comes next. Don't let the past weigh you down and hold you back. Let go of the boat. Forage ahead. Live your life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

World of Ink Blog Tour Oct.-Nov.

 this month and next month I will be participating in a blog tour with The World of Ink Network. It is for book clubs and anyone who is interested in finding out more about me, my writing, or my bookKilling Casanova. This is the schedule of where and when my blogs will be posted come see me and learn more about me and my book.

~World of Ink Tour Schedule for Traci McDonald~

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A reason For Everything?

 I have been missing as far as social media is concerned because three weeks ago I went in for surgery and all Hell broke loose. In many ways from my perspective there were times when I literally felt as if I were standing at the gates of a darkness that would swallow me. I know now, that it was just the trauma my body was experiencing that my mind and soul was having a difficult time understanding. Its all very confusing so I will start over at the beginning and try to explain.
I have been a juvenile diabetic since the age of 8. This type of diabetes comes from having an organ known as the pancreas fail to make a digestive hormone called insulin. It is also known as Type I Diabetes and over the course of many years it can do great damage. I have been medically and nutritionally compliant since I was 19 and recieved an insulin pump. Now that does not mean I have controlled the disease, it just means I have worked with my doctors to try and minimize the damage the disease can cause. I have not had a lot of luck though. I lost my vision at 23, I had 2 premature babies because of kidney failure and I lost my kidneys completely at 35. Three years ago my brother gave me one of his kidneys and changed my whole life. I have been healthier and stronger in the last three years than ever before. When my doctors learned of my hard work and determination to fight the diabetes they put me on a list for a pancreas transplant as a permanant way to treat this disease and stop its progression. Three weeks ago I was called and told they had a pancreas for me, and my family and I drove at 3:00 a. m. for surgery. For about 24 hours the transplant did wonderfully. I was sore and tired but my body was working for the first time in over 30 years. As you can imagine we were thrilled. two days after the transplant the arterial flow of blood from the pancreas into the grafted part of my digestive tract kept working, but the veinous flow, removing blood, no longer worked. The organ began to struggle and eventually died.  I was in horrible amounts of pain, bleeding into my stomach and had to be opened back up two days after being cut open from my sternum to my pelvis. I had a difficult time grasping what was happening to me I was weak, hurting and almost delirious with medications and surgery. I drifted in and out for two or three more days. I remember only flashes of pain, extreme thirst, and endless days and nights that seemed to blur together until I did not know what day it was. As I weakened and struggled my husband had to take our kids home and get them back in school and he had to go back to work, so my sister stayed with me as they tried to help me get better. Soon we discovered my stomach was bleeding and if we didn't get it to stop, I would eventually bleed to death, or lose so much blood that my transplanted kidney would die and I would have to have it removed and go back on dialysis. I went in for another surgery on my digestive tract where they coterized the bleeding and removed my appendix. There was not a problem with my appendix, except that it lay directly on top of an abdomenable artery, and if it ever became infected the infection would go directly into my arterial blood flow and I would become septic. After all of this was accomplished I started to get better, I still struggled with bloody vomit and getting the blood out of my stomach but I stopped losing blood, and eventually was strong enough to come home.
     I have been home and healing with the help and constant care of my family, friends, and the wonderful people who live around me. I have truly been held up by the hands of unseen and human angels. I have been asked a number of times what all of this was for, what was the reason I had to go through it all. I am still a diabetic, I have been either down and out or nearly dead for three weeks, and I have nothing to show for it except a very large scar stretching down the middle of my stomach. Shouldn't I be angry, or scared, or demanding answers?
     The truth is I don't know. I don't know why bad things happen to innocent people. I don't know if there is a reason for disease, death, tragedy, and trauma. I do know the longer I live and the more I go through, the stronger I get. I have talked before about setting your mind and heart to your dreams and making them come true, perhaps it is because I know how much greater the reward when the journey is difficult. There May not be an immediate reward with this one. I may not ever have anything to show for my struggles except that scar but...
What if I don't go to bed one night with a sore appendix and never wake up , because it isn't there to kill me. What if the reason this pancreas died makes it so the next person to recieve a transplant doesn't go through it. What if the outpouring of love and support I got from the people in my life is all I ever see from this experience? Was there a reason?
 A wise man once said: "If not for the night sky, the stars would never be seen." I see sparks of starlight all around me because I know the blackness of the night, That is reason enough for me.