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Traci McDonald- The Heart of Suspense. Falling in love is the greatest risk of all!
A  dream is a fragile thing. It is a wisp of smoke that appears as real as flesh when you're just a child. Mine began that way. A song, a story, poetry...bad poetry, but nonetheless. The flesh became more smoke and mirrors as I  grew and became more realistic and less fantastical. Then I went blind.Yes, physically blind at the age of 23. Wouldn't you know it, without 'seeing' reality, the smoke became what was real. 
Today, my world is dreams, fantasy and fiction. A much more beautiful place to live. My novels are about the healing true love brings to any life shattered by trauma if you believe in the power of Love!I live in a cozy town North of Las Vegas Nv. with the loves of my life, my  husband and three sons. Finding peace and joy with my boys inspires, drives and comforts me, making it possible to live the dream. 
To purchase my novels, go to amazon.com, bnn.com, i-tunes and others. for more information check out my amazon author page, my publishers and my personal contacts at crimsonromance.com, museitup.com,
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  1. Traci your Cover is so wonderful. I can hardly wait to get the book. Love, Your biggest fan.