Wednesday, October 17, 2012

World of Ink Blog Tour Oct.-Nov.

 this month and next month I will be participating in a blog tour with The World of Ink Network. It is for book clubs and anyone who is interested in finding out more about me, my writing, or my bookKilling Casanova. This is the schedule of where and when my blogs will be posted come see me and learn more about me and my book.

~World of Ink Tour Schedule for Traci McDonald~

October 10th

World of Ink Network – Spotlight


October 14th

Teresa Nordheim—Book Review


October 16th

Virginia Jennings—Spotlight


October 18th

Families Matter—Book Review


October 19th

Brand Buzz Network—Book Review


October 22nd

World of Ink Network blog—Guest Post


October 23rd

Virginia Jennings—Spotlight


October 24th

Families Matter Blog—Book Spotlight


October 25th

Margaret Fieland Reviews


October 27th

The Patient Dreamer—Interview


October 28th

Utah Children's Writer Blog – Guest Post


October 29th

Children’s Writer’s World—Guest Post


October 30th

Bond With Karla—Book Review/Giveaway


November 1st

The Writing Mama—Book Review


November 5th

BlogCritics Author Spotlight


November 6th

Virginia Jennings—Guest Post


November 7th

The Writing Mama-Guest Post


November 8th

The Dark Phantom Review—Spotlight


November 9th

The Writing Mama—Interview


November 10th

The Patient Dreamer—Guest Post


November 13th

Fran Lewis Book Reviewer—Interview


November 14th

MomnBaby Network—Book Review


November 15th

American Chronicle—Spotlight 


November 16th

Families Matter blog—Guest Post


November 19th

The Writing Mama Show on the World of Ink Network

Live show at 2pm EST – Listen on demand anytime!


November 20th

Home School Blogger—Book Review


November 21st

BlogCritics Book Review


November 26th

Writers and Authors—Guest Post


November 27th

Roth’s Inspiring Books & Product—Interview


November 28th

World of Ink Network—Book Review


November 30th

The New Book Review

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