Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Author Review: Ivy Page

The use of symbolism in writing is a powerful tool whether you are a writer of stories, memoirs, or poetry. Poets and Lyricists particularly rely on strong symbols to portray emotion in a brief image. The proper symbol used in the proper context evokes a different emotion in each reader,. The truth of that emotion remains with the reader long after the work has been read if the writer did it properly.In "Any Other Branch" a collection of poetry by Ivy Page, I was impressed by the power of symbols. Her use of pumpkins, roosters, Snowflakes and even a stick figure girl opened deep emotion and old forgotten wounds within my soul.
Some of those images are haunting and painful. Some are healing and peaceful. The rhythm, cadence and placement of such images as an unwinding mind, a naked cheek, a bloody windshiel, and two pairs of pixie eyes  still remain as powerful images in my mind.
"Any Other Branch" is an exploration of one woman's life through evocative images and symbols. To find out more about Page and her work go to:Salmon Poetry
Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland
For more information visitIvy Page's website:

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