Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Author Review: L.R.W. Lee

Any author that takes on the challenge of writing a fantasy based story of any kind must first create a mythical or magical world that is fantasic and suspend the reader's belief in reality. Often the biggest stumbling block in creating a world such as this is the suspension of belief. I have read a number of stories that I am 100 pages or more into the story before I start to say: "okay, I can believe this world...might exist...if..."
I read the rest of a novel like this looking for the clues that give away the fantasy and prove the reality is stronger, because I am already questioning the suspension of belief and looking for proof that my instincts are right. inconsistencies between the reality and the fantasy become the strings of evidence I collect as I read. I never questioned the magical realm of Harry Potter, and I never searched for proof that it wasn't real. My son actually kept a list of spells he practiced because that fantasy world was so rich.
In L.R.W. Lee's "Andy Smithson: Blast of the dragon's fury" Her use of magical objects and symbols tied the reader to the fantasy world through the use of quirky wacky characters that were close enough to identifiable magical characters that the reader could believe her version. Her Dragon Slayer video game was a great symbol to ease her reader's into the realm of real dragons. The curse of the fog being chased away with the powerful smell of farting cows was brilliant and hysterical, and the perfect symblo for a young reader to identify with with and believe.
The entire story was laced with these crazy characters that were one step away from a real or realistic fantastic character that the suspension of belief was immediate. The connection between the tower chase on pegasus and the games playes with a snitch and broom from Harry Potter linked young reader's to this game. A fantasy they already believed. The team named "The Giants" who actually were giants.
The uspus box being a magical conduit. and finally the quest for the redd dragon all played a nonsensical but familiar magical role and made us root for Andy and his comrades in this magical world.
Andy Smithson and The Blast of The Dragon's Fury was a great book and a fun read for all ages. I am excited to see what her use of symbols and magical objects can do in her next Andy Smithson novel.

A middle grade (5th & 6th grade) fantasy adventure that entertains while teaching uncommon life changing narratives.

Publisher: Createspace
ISBN: 978-1482312645
ISBN -10: 1482312646
Available in eBook and Print
Publication Date: April 2013

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