Friday, June 28, 2013

See "Behind Our Eyes"

The creative works of local writer, Traci McDonald,
can be found in the newest literary anthology published by Behind Our Eyes, Inc., a
nonprofit organization. 

Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look is the second anthology by a unique
collection of 65 writers with disabilities. 

The topics range from humorously absurd to tragically abusive, from cats
and rabbits to guide dogs and even a guide horse, from medical fiascoes to survival tactics, and through pangs of deprivation to heights of success. The
vivid tapestry of life woven through their stories, poems, and essays, demonstrates what a captivating and diverse group of writers they are; yet their creative writing collection showcases their similarities to each other and the world at large. 

Copies of Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look, edited by Kate Chamberlin, ISBN
978-1490304472 are available through for $16.96 per soft cover

Also available in Kindle and Nook formats.
You can contact Traci personally at,, or on twitter at tracimcauthor
In July Traci will have copies of Behind Our Eyes : A Second Look available for purchase and for signings.

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