Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Author Review: Donna Mcdine

 I am a big fan of historical fiction. The work of Donna McDine piqued  my interest because in her Middle Grade story "Powder Monkey" she gives us a look into a little known piece of history surrounding the forced servitude of young men aboard British Naval vessels.
It is obvious from her ability to give detailed accounts of the misery and trauma involved with this period of time, McDine is a talented writer. Ms. McDine shows the experiences of her characters in great detail while staying historically accurate.
She picks pivotal moments in these young boys lives,  letting  us peer into the horror of their experiences.
This historical period is fascinating to me and I would like to see more from McDine about the trials of Tommy, her main character.

Forced into a life at sea by the Royal Navy Press Gangs, 12-year-old Tommy Kitt finds himself in a floating sea of misery. Poor living conditions and beatings occur daily. Despite his small size, Tommy must summon the courage and physical ability to prevail in a situation he cannot escape.
You can find the spell bounding ride of stories by award-winning children’s author, Donna McDine through her publisher-Guardian Angel publishing

Hardcover ISBN: 9781616333843; 1616333847
Paperback ISBN: 9781616333850; 1616333853
eBook ISBN: 9781616333867; 1616333863
Price: $19.95 hard cover / $9.95 paperback / $5.00 e-book
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
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