Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Author Review: Michelle Hauck

I always know when a story  or author interests me. I dream about their characters at night and I think about them while I go through the rest of my day.This was my experience with "Kindar's Cure", the story and characters have been with me for weeks now.
 When I started Michelle Hauck's work, it was as a follower of her blog. She runs great competitions and I've found some good  books through her reviews. I got to experience some of her talent reading short stories and advice from her blog but it wasn't until I read her novel "Kindar's Cure" that I really fell in love with her work.
She has a fantasy element to her stories that has historical or non-contemporary settings but they feel very modern.   Her heroine's are powerful, yet vulnerable. Her love interests are brutish, strong, patient and true to character. Her hero's aren't knights or princes, an element I actually loved,  and they are compelling all the same. Her heroines possess nobility and  strength along with human flaws. Their emotional arc from beginning to end makes them relatable.
The story was full of magic, twists and plot turns, and troubles enough to keep  me  turning the pages. Although she uses the suggestion of sexual content, in "Kindar's Cure" the romance was clean and appropriate. After having read this first of her novels, I will be shopping for more of Michelle's work in the amazon store and in The Library for the blind's reading lists as well.
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