Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Author Review: Tera Lynn Childs

I am an avid reader and proponent of clean romance. In my search for great characters, settings and stories I will find a good story with out inappropriate sexual content and great characters. When I come up on an author who accomplishes this balance. I'm always excited. Tera Lynn Child's is one of these authors. In the four series she has written, I have only just started the City Chicks group, so I can't speak to her other books. However, let me tell you what I loved about this author.
Child's starts with a quirky, flawed, crazed character with a very distinct and unique voice. Her obsession with all things candy is evident in the way she talks to the reader, herself, and the other characters in the novel. Her lead male role is your typical male hunk hired to help our heroine. The story doesn't follow predictable paths from there though. Between fighting off creepy fashion moguls, defending her job, dreaming of better things, and soothing her broken heart with every candy known to mankind, childs' characters are a little irreverent, a little selfish, and a lot loveable. After reading "Eye Candy", the first in her City Chicks series, I will definitely go back and read more of her work. She has a great voice, imagination and skill as a contemporary writer while leaving blatant sexual scenes where they belong. To find out more about Tera or her books, go to
Tera Lynn Childs is the author of the Oh. My. Gods., Forgive My Fins, Sweet Venom, and City Chicks books for teens and other awesome people.
You can also find her blog and more about her at

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