Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Author Review: Mindy Hayes

My secret skeleton in the closet? I love mythical creatures. Not vampires, werewolves, aliens, or sea monsters. I love strong, mystical on-the-far-side of reality heroes. The Elves from Lord of The Rings. The fire breathing Unicorns from  Warrior Beautiful by Wendy Knight, and the Fi (pronounced Faye) in Jim Butchers The Dresden Files.
Usually, I roll my eyes at "Fairies" in teen romance novels, so when a friend recommended Kaleidoscope Book 1 in the Faylinn series, I cringed a little.
I bought it off of for my kindle and settled down to read it...for my friend.
Much to my surprise, It was really good. The main character Calliope was fleshed out so well, I was riveted to her story right away. Her emotional journey as she begins a physical as well as emotional transformation wasn't hurried. Often in fantasies, major changes occur to our MC and the character just accepts it and rushes headlong into the fray. In Kaleidoscope, this didn't happen. It took most of the story, an uncomfortable experience with pointy ears and the painful emergence of wings before Calliope even thought about what it all meant for her relationships.
I also read Book 2, Ember and I've started Book 3-Luminary. While the plots are a bit slow and the action is minimal, the characters are so well executed you'll find yourself reading on.
Hayes does an admirable job of bringing her fantasy characters from the real world into Fairy land and making us all want a pair of pretty wings.
To buy Kaleidoscope, Ember, and Luminary look up Mindy hayes on and other e-book websites. You can also buy the hard and paperback versions in bookstores. If you're like me and a kick-butt fairy makes your day. Go look up Hayes and read the Faylinn Series.

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