Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Author Review: Keary Taylor

Looking for fantasy stories that aren't overdone, predictable, or trite can be a challenge in this digital book world where 3, 000 books are published just on everyday. I was fortunate enough to run across Keary Taylor while I was searching for 'clean romance' for my ddesktop Kindle. She has written two series The Eden Trilogy, Fallen Angels Trilogy and a stand alone novel as well. Recently she released the first in her McCain Saga and it was this book that drew me to her.
A few "fallen Angel" type books have been out in the last few years: Fallen, by Lauren Kate, Unearthly, by Cynthia hand, and Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Now mind you the former are all Young Adult novels which has challenges of its own. Although I enjoy most YA novels, I find it difficult to be patient with the teenage angst. When I read the jacket blurb for Keary Taylor's Branded, Book 1 in the Fall of Angels Trilogy, the first thing I liked was that her main character's are in their twenties. As she described the concept of her angels, I could tell these were not traditional angels who walk the earth after being kicked out of heaven for rebellion. Perhaps this concept will appear later on in the trilogy, but here in her first novel she presents the concept of both good and evil angels, not in heaven or on earth, but in a tribunal which our MC is forced to go through each time she falls asleep.
I enjoyed the story, the characters, the emotional journey and the premise. Taylor spends a lot of time developing her world and her characters. The pacing of the story wasn't perfect, but it was her first novel. I now find myself a fan of Taylor's work and will read as many of her books as I can afford.
To find Keary Taylor go to and look up her author page, or her website in the link above.

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