Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stop The Presses!

I always have the goal to market and publicize my books better. I've been looking at things like: search engines, book trailers, blog tours, and press releases. In my attempt to gain more information about what works for marketing your books I've learned...
There is no one right answer for every writer.
I wish there was. It would be great if I could buy a book, or take a class and suddenly be an expert on the market value and how to get my reader's to invest. Instead, there are a million websites, books, classes and services which can help. One of the resources I've been investigating is The Press Release-
In her book,Get Your Book In The News, by Sandra Beckwith, she explains the nine things you need from a press release.
"The purpose of a press release is to garner publicity for your book (s)." You can do this by:
-Distribute the press release to the press with advanced review copies of your book.
-Distribute it without advanced review copies.
-Distribute your press release without the book, through press release Distribution sites. These web based services help you inform a large number of media outlets.
-Host your release in Press rooms of media distribution services.
-Give the information to bloggers for getting reviews
 and scheduling your book tour.
-House  it in the press room of your website for journalists who are looking for information about you, your book, or your topic with the information they need in a concise, clear manner..
 -Publish it on your website for browsers and fans with the information that will show up in web browsers.
-Give it to event organizers who are scheduling you for speaking engagements.
-Give it to your family and friends who you know support your publicity efforts.
Now that we know what its for...Did you know there is a certain way to do it?
me either. So as I learn more from Sandra and Beckwith Communications, I'll keep you updated. Look for Part II of Stop The Presses next month and go check out the book. In the meantime, keep writing. 

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