Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do You Have To Be A Believer?

Every author seeks an audience for their work. For some the audience is wide...The World.
For some, the audience is specific...Young Adults.
We all hope to reach our target audience and then reach beyond to others who don't 'usually' read a particular genre. Today's guest post is from Author Lawrence Elliot.
Elliot's target audience for his book, Practical Proverbs For Everyday Living, is focused on Christians. Today he tells why he writes and who he hopes to reach with his book.

When writing for a Christian audience, an author can write from a perspective of encouragement, correction, inspiration, motivation, rebuke, and so forth. The book can be written from a single perspective or a mixture of perspectives. Whatever aspect the writer decides to write from, the writings should align itself with the word of God. In almost all cases the work has to be well researched. If a person is promoting the truth, what he or she has to say should be correct.  A Christian author’s message ultimate goal should be, for the readers of his or her book to become more advance in their Christian journey. Progress is what God desires in every believer. Although every believer has God in their life, we all need to learn more about his character and principles. As we learn more, we should apply what we have learned.
“Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living” was not written only for a Christian audience. It was written for anyone who wants to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and peace. Many people are not aware that while they live in a chaotic world, they can still have a life filled with joy and true success. This book has many wisdom keys to unlock the mystery of how to obtain a life full of peace, purpose and prosperity. The wisdom principles in this book are designed to help the reader navigate through life’s ups and downs, to obtain results of living victoriously.
A believer in God who reads a Christian book should have grown spiritually from that experience. The objective of a Christian book is to inform the reader that God wants you to succeed in the plan that he has for your life. In writing to a Christian audience, authors should know that no one person has all the information about God. Subsequently, his or her contributions are necessary to humanity for the advancement of the kingdom of God on this earth. Writers, especially Christian writers should know that every human being has treasure trapped inside of them. Once this principle is realized, it should be easy for a Christian writer to pour their treasure out into the world. Some people treasure is in sports, others are in singing or writing, or speaking or business or flying and the list goes on. The ratio of accomplishments is greater for non-believers than it is for believers. This should not be the case, because believers have direct contact with the creator of the universe. Subsequently, writers for a Christian audience should tap into this spiritual connection, so that they can release their God given treasure. The world is waiting on the countless releases of our treasures. When one writes to a Christian audience, they are not only writing to believers, but their writing affects non Christians as well. Whenever someone does something good to another person because of something that they read in a book, in Gods eyes, the writer is credited as well. We were placed in this world to sharpen one another. This means to help each other to become better.
In releasing my treasure by writing this book, my passion is to genuinely help people to live the abundant life as Jesus taught in the scriptures. Too often I see people from both sides of the spectrum, (saved and unsaved) living below their potential. It is my sincere desire to help people realize their potential, find their purpose for existence and live abundantly in every area of their life. God Bless You.

To find Lawrence Elliot's book, tour sites and social media links go to The World Of Ink Network and check out his tour banner and information. Look for a review of Practical Proverbs for Every Day Living coming in April.

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