Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paper Gems with Marcy Kennedy

I read for a myriad of reasons: entertainment, information, training, skill...No matter what I read, I love to research interesting topics and symbolism to find the basic truths behind the fiction. I love history, theology, romance and mystery. I'm also a reader of what are called 'craft books'.
These are not to teach me to make cute wall hangings or decorations. These books are to hone the 'craft' of writing. Some of my favorites include: Painting With Words, Deeper POV, Scene, Setting, and character and The Busy Writers Guides.
Marcy Kennedy is a writer, reviewer and writing coach. She publishes a string of short, cheap, e-books that you can perches at that cover anything from marketing, promotion, twitter, facebook, developing deeper Point of View, and other basic, well-explained tools writers need. My favorite is called; The Busy Writers Guide For Showing Not Telling.
We're taught to write by 'showing the reader what's happening in the story. Writers do that with words. The concept of 'show not tell' is almost an oxymoron and often difficult to figure out. Marcy Kennedy's book clearly gives explanations, samples and practice sections to teach the concept in a way that makes sense and doesn't require you to have Henningways talent to learn.
You can find Marcy's writing at Writers Digest as the 2013 winner of their short short story competition as well as at her website listed above. Go check out her Busy Writers Guides and see if she's got just what you're looking for to improve your writing.
In the meantime keep writing!

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