Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paper Gems with Tina Wainscott

Reading, one of my favorite parts of being a writer, offers the chance to read many styles and subjects. I looked for a series of popular works featuring handicapped or disabled characters as I wanted to learn about how popular authors wrote about different lifestyles and environments. I found "Blind Sight" by Tina Wainscott.
"Blind Sight" is the story of a woman, who when she was kidnapped sixteen years earlier, became blinded by the traumatic event. As a result, she now has the ability to connect with other kidnapped children and 'see' through their eyes. She uses this gift to help the police find the kids.
The story is actually about her gift but also about the police detective who suspects her of being involved in a kidnapping and their romance as they heal each  others  wounds.
As a blind person and writer myself, I was intrigued by the idea of a blind character being written by a sighted person. It is often difficult to know some of the cultural nuances of a blind person's world without having lived in it. Wainscott, I thought, did a very good job. Her character had a seeing eye dog and seemed fairly accurate without being overly detailed and getting herself in trouble. The story was interesting. It was a good mix of romance and suspense with an ending that should have been satisfactory. This could be just my personal opinion, but I was disappointed in the ending when the author took the MC;s handicap and 'cured' it by the end of the story. It is rare and unlikely for a blind person to regain their sight. Its also traumatizing for them. This character's blindness was caused by a conversion disorder which is the brain's way of causing physical symptom's to protect the individual from trauma. After sixteen years, regaining her sight wasn't complete but it was coming back. 'Happy Endings' don't mean that everyone gets what they want. Often they just mean you accept your circumstances and are happy with your ending.Despite this, I enjoyed this story and hope to read more from this author.
You can find Tina's work on Amazon, Bnn and I-tunes as well as the Library For the Blind. Look for Tina at or on amazon at

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