Thursday, September 6, 2012

Author Review: Galen Rose

A dark and Stormy night, a lost and broken heroine, and one last chance at love. The makings of a great story. Can you imagine my disappointment when it was written in first person point of view. For all you readers out there who don't know what First Person Point of View is: It is when the author speaks as the main character., for example the use of I, me, my and other first person pro-nouns.
   "I looked around the darkened room. It felt to me like I was being buried alive , as my heart pounded and my lungs fought for every breath."
FPPOv sounds something like that. When I began reading "A Place To Rest my Heart" by Galen Rose, The FPPOV was immediately distracting. I hate books written in this POV. The heroine's are often narsusistic, underdeveloped and annoyingly stupid. When an entire story is told from this POV and the person telling it isn't learning from the information; at best its distracting. At worst it will ruin the story.Much to my delight I quickly learned,  Galen is a master of this point of view.
     As I read and learned about all the character's from the perspective of the main character, Laney Murphy, I of course, had my own opinions of them. Often they were different than Laney's. Through Ms. Rose's careful and patient development of Laney's character and background I understood why she felt and thought the way she did. I didn't think she was too stupid to see the truth. She was seeing the world from her POV and I believed her. Yes she missed important clues, didn't trust her heart and screwed things up because she made instinctual decisions that were bound in a broken past, but I didn't care. Laney was strong, determined, protective, and smart. She had good reasons to make her choices the way she did. She was hurt, broken, vulnerable and scared but her character was so well developed that it gave her point of view in the story credibility. When she ran, fought, defended, and argued. I was proud of her. When she cried, loved hurt and was needy. I understood. When she didn't trust, I didn't blame her. When she let a man who loved her go, I felt her pain.
I was most impressed with Galen Rose's ability to tell such a powerful story in a FPPOv, because I rarely find stories I enjoy told in first person. To find Galen's work look her or the title of her book up onAmazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, I-tunes and Crimson Romance. You can find "A place To Rest My Heart" on most sites that sell e-books or romances. It is worth the read.

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