Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trapped In A Pyramid

    Hot wind blows; the grit and dirt making my teeth as rough as  sand paper. The blaring sun teases sweat across my knitted brow as I focus on lifting my legs to climb to the top of the ancient Egyptian Pyramid.
     Sounds brutal...right? This is not an Egyptian pyramid; its a marketing pyramid, and I am in up to my knees.
     Before you panic, unfriend me, or list my blog and e-mail as spam, I messed up a perfectly good opportunity for readers to find good books and great writers.
     I was given the chance to answer some questions about a novel I am working on and then share the blog sites of other author's who are doing the same. It sounds simple enough, Right?

     Well, it should have been. However, I posted my questions and answers a week early, as part of another blogging pyramid. fulfill my end of the bargain, and because this is a great way to find out about new authors and upcoming books. I am posting today so you can link back to the original post. It was just last wednesday, but I will post the link anyway and I hope you will explore this pyramid for great books, and awesome authors.
     Thanks for the patience and go check out, and also look on my blog for a list of blogs I follow that have these great writers and others.

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