Saturday, February 9, 2013

Author Review: Ryan Hunter

 Living in a modern fast paced society tends to overwhelm and complicate what should be basic daily occurrences: Work, school, chores, activities, clubs, volunteering, home and yard maintenance, shopping, cooking, eating, laundry, bedtime. The list gets more frantic and hectic as the ‘to-do’s’ stack up. Pacing ourselves and organizing the craziness that is life is how we maintain balance. The truth is reality can be hectic, frantic, and at times, too much.
In a good novel, the frantic, hectic and overwhelming create excitement, allure and interest. Would you read a story about teenagers who deal with homework, chores, and baseless break-ups? Or would you rather follow a story about a girl whose father is murdered by terrorists, only to learn they were government operatives. A story of a student who gets a paper cut doing her classwork, or one who uses a butcher knife to cut an electronic sensor out of her hand because the government is using it to listen to, and track her?
It’s strange but the truth is either one of those stories could be made into a great novel if it is paced correctly.
     Ryan Hunter has just such a story in her novel “Indivisible”. It explodes onto the page with a terrorist attack and then never stops rolling toward the conclusion. Hunter’s main character Brin is devastated by her father’s murder but the jolts and surprises that turn her life upside down make the terrorist attack pale in comparison to the mass societal problems that now face Brin and what’s left of her family and friends. Teaming up with her love interest,a guy known only as T,  Brin discovers how much of her life is controlled and contrived by a government force that starts out socialistic and borders on fascist by the end.
I loved the pace of this author’s writing there was no time to stop and breathe, much less get bored with the story. The brief responses that occurred-insert romantic interlude with hot, heroic leading man-  brought the element of emotion into the story without leaving the desperate and exciting pace of the story behind.

Ryan Hunter, self-published Indivisible and has been traditionally published as well under her real name. To read more about this book as well as her other novels go to:


Twitter: @ryanhunter45


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