Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Slipping The Holiday Slump

This week is the official beginning of 'The Holiday Season'. A lot of people began  preparing six months ago. Some are just now letting themselves ease into the holiday frame of mind. My husband actually loves this time of year. When people are happier, kinder and more human to one another. The craziness of parties, presents, shopping, and over-eating is expected and embraced by everyone. We'll diet, work-out, slim down and get back to work...after 'The Holidays'.
As writers, this time of year can be very seductive. The retail portion convinces us to push our already published work, neglecting our work in progress. The habit of writing everyday falls prey to the myriad of errands, chores, details and commitments surrounding this time of year. By the time 'The Holiday" is past, we're two months behind, out of practice, and reluctant to push ourselves back into the work of writing.
So before we sink happily into the warmth and business of 'The Holiday Season', here some advice from other writers:
#1 Read, read, read everything you can get your hands on. -T. H. White
#2 One day at a time. Today might have been hell, but if it was a good writing day, nothing else matters. -Neil Gaiman
#3 Sacrifice. There's nothing to writing. You just sit down at a typewriter and bleed. -Earnest Hemmingway
#4 When you can't create, work. -Henry Miller
#5 Quantity is quality. If you write a little you're doomed. -Ray Bradbury
Now this advice isn't particular to 'The Holidays" but it can be a reminder for how you can slip the holiday slump. Attach the words of these writers to your mirror, your television screen or your hand held device and remind yourself everyday to follow one piece of wisdom to get you through.
Keep writing, keep reading and have a Happy Holiday!

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