Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Love A Man Who Loves An Ugly Car?

Have you ever read a book, or story and wished you could tell the writer how bad it was? Have you rolled your eyes and thought, Geez, I can do better than this!
I have. Even with some of my favorite authors. The writers at the top of their game can pretty much break the rules and do anything they want, they also get more feedback than they bother with. Writers Like me, struggling, working, learning. We can't have bad days, or 'blogposts' because we'll lose fans and friends. We also don't get any feedback. So...Here's my suggestion. Thanks to Michelle Hauck's First Page Critique blog hop. I got some great suggestions from fellow writers. I'm asking for more. I'd love to hear from reader's who've read any of Why Love A Man Who Loves An Ugly Car and  Critical guidance from other writers. Mostly however just tear it apart. Go back through the archives and read anything with the title: Why Love A man Who Loves An Ugly Car and tell me where I lose you, where you roll your eyes, where your precious time is being wasted. October's post was especially bad, you can skip it. Health problems, Kid issues, and work distracted my better judgement. Lame excuse I know, but the truth.
So I'm asking, no begging, you to get mean and let me have it. Don't be crude or cruel, I'll have to filter you, but don't worry about offending the blind lady either. Taking offense is a choice we make when we think we're too good to work on being better. Trust me, I've got none of that going on. e-mail your comments to me, leave them on the blog, tweet me tracimcauthor or leave your feedback on face book.
Jay and Alex need a break until I can do their story justice so this will be the last post for a while, until I can take care of them again. Thanks for reading! 

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