Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Paper Gems with Pippa Dacosta

As I research paranormal books to help me write better, I often find surprises in odd places.
The Muse series by Pippa Dacosta was one such discovery.
Let me back up for a moment and start over.
I bought an 11 book box set of paranormal romances with few expectations. I often buy box sets with lots of different story lines in hopes of learning what other writers do. usually only about 5-20% of these books turn out to be any good. Somehow though, I can always find at least one i really enjoy. The series is actually called "Beyond The Veil Series" and follows a woman who is half-deamon and half human. As she discovers the truth about her brutal background and the half daemon assassin who is hired to kill her, a whole fascinating world opens up in the first book. Once you've read "Muse" you must read the rest of the series. I was drawn in with this first novel. Tons of action, intrigue and a fantastic, complicated set of scenery, characters and love interests. There was a little language and some sexual references, but nothing overt. By the time you read the other four books and the pre-quel in the series those things change. Sexual material and language become stronger and more blatant along with the level of violence.
This author has a wonderful ability to develop characters, plot, relationships and intrigue while making it look effortless.
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