Wednesday, July 29, 2015

World Of Ink Network Presents: Dots, Spots, and the 'Nots'

Today on Blogtalk radio, V.S. Grenier and I will talk with Fawn Eindarsen-Nielsen, the president of Hear My Heart Books about the release of their newest book.
Spots, Dots and the Nots?!
Conversations about bullying are as evident in the classroom as they are in the boardrooms of North America, or in the living room of every home.  Prejudice
exists in our minds, when we choose to look for differences in each other rather than similarities.

The things that we perceive to keep us apart actually define how similar we are. That is the moral of this story.

When the Red Spots and White Dots determine that the Nots are separate and different from themselves, in essence, their collective efforts create pink...the

Discover how Pink is able to convert their negative label into a positive self-image.
Come join us at 2 p.m. Mst to listen in and learn about the radical approach this company takes to fight bullying. or
ISBN:             978-0-9868750-5-2   
Book Price:         $10.00
Format:             Full colour, soft cover, saddle-stitched
Page count:         32 pp
Trim size:         5.5” x 8.5”
Category:         Education
Assertiveness concepts
Book Trailer:
This important story presents a real-life review of how bullying impacts society.  When the RED Spots and WHITE Dots come together to exclude the Nots,
they create more and more PINK Nots. 
The story:
list of 6 items
• teaches kids about human rights,
• reinforces that we are all who we are meant to be,
• builds dialogue around inclusion,
• provides support to the bully, victim and bystander,
• reinforces positive, respectful behaviour, and
• reminds us that we all have a choice to exclude (which increases anger and unhappiness) or practice inclusion (where everyone can flourish and grow).
list end
Just read ‘Spots, Dots...and the Nots?!’
It’s friggin’ brilliant!!! Love it!
This book needs to be in schools everywhere!!!
Wes Funk author and host of the Saskatoon TV series Lit' Happens, which showcases Saskatchewan's literary talent.
In the spirit of partnership and possibilities for children and youth, 

“Join the minority that sees a clear path out of present darkness, that never submits to fear and despair, and that does its part to lead everyone out of
crisis into a future full of light.”
Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi
block quote om

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