Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paper Gems with Jude Devereaux

As most writers know, the most time consuming activity we engage in to become better writers is...reading. It just so happens this is my favorite part too. If I could read for a living I'd be a millionaire! Sometimes this means I read work that makes my head hurt and sometimes I stumble on a writer I never knew about. Such is the case with Jude Devereaux. While researching Romantic Suspense, I discovered her work with a particular family, the Montgomerys. Her work ranges from Heroic, to dispicable as far as these men are concerned. They all belong to a far reaching and well-off group of men who are just human enough to infuriate and just hero enough to tantilize. Her plots at times seemed rushed to begin and then slow to develop, but overall are good stories. Her heroine's are strong, opinionated and a little on the edgey side. Some have great senses of humor, others are more reserved but they all stand up for themselves in the face of great wealth and insurrmountable odds.
Devereaux includes a single  sex scene and lots of tension leading up to it, but her books are fairly clean. I found her books listed in Romance/Suspense, Paranormal Romance,Historical Romance  and Contemporary. Her ability to write in more than one genre while sticking with her romantic tendancies makes her work worth looking into.She is the author of more than 40 NY times best sellers and is represented by Simon and Schuester publishers.
You can find her on BARD, for blind readers, The Library, Amazon and on her social media sites. Devereaux, Devereaux, and simonand
Go look her up and in the meantime...Keep reading and writing!!

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