Thursday, September 3, 2015

Part II: Marketing With The Seven Plot Archetypes

In Part II of Marketing with The Seven Basic Plot Archetypes, the second plot line we will look at in today’s blog covers Rags to Riches
Once again there are a number of ways to use this plot line to market your product or service. If you are a personal trainer, a diet guru, an investment genius or a spiritual leader, you will have no trouble using “Rags to Riches” as a marketing technique.
Let’s take a look at what blogger Tim Perry wrote about this.
“In the stories, this is where a modest and moral but downtrodden character achieves a happy ending when their natural talents are displayed to the world
At large. In the real world this applies to anyone with an undeniably incredible talent who wants to break through and be successful. This could apply
To photographers, musicians, artists, and yes even bloggers. 

If your product or service falls into this category, you should look to play the role of the "Fairy Godmother" that gives the hero just enough to get to
The right place and the right time. (This is where many coaches fail by trying to overdo it. A good coach is meant to pull the best out of their pupil,
Not do it for them) 
So…How does this work to market your book?
First and foremost, you must recognize who might be experiencing a “Rags to Riches” type of life experience. For Romance you want the ‘rags’ people who’ll be inspired by your story. Women’s blogs and sites. Moms, Divorcees, Singles on dating sites? All are possibilities to advertise.
Mystery? You can look at everything from Military support groups, Emergency Services, teachers, just about anything, again offering the “Fairy Godmother mentality.
For example…
We’ll take a common story and write advertisements for the different sites.
Story- Five friends discover they have paranormal powers. As corrupt governments gather to manipulate the group to either support or destroy the conflicting politics. Our heroes discover their powers unite them in passion but divide their loyalties when the two most powerful of the gifted turn against each other in a desperate grasp for power and loyalty.
Romance- Cursed or blessed with immortality and the power to heal, an orphaned boy wanders for centuries until his twisted road leads him into the arms of the woman who will either save or destroy him. Unsure who to trust or where to turn, he leaves his shattered heart on her doorstep and searches for the truth and an eternal love unlike he’s ever known.
Mystery-When Shards of bone become claws, an orphaned boy discovers his immortality. Centuries of fighting every evil from the Nazi’s to modern governments, He finds the other powerful outcasts like him, searching for purpose, power and the truth of their origins. 
Paranormal- Immortality, power over the weather, a woman who appears as any person she wishes, the ability to bend metal and mind control, all gifts possessed by a genetically altered group of heroes. Their search for the truth, the ‘right’ side and acceptance from the world they must save brings them together in the fight against their enemies, their abilities and one another.
As authors, marketing is up to us and finding the audience and the marketing tool to draw attention to our work is a difficult part of writing. Look for part 3 of the Seven Archetypes next month and in the meantime…Keep writing! 

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