Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#Burning Bridger-Launch Party!

Every man she's ever known has only left her in shattered pieces. Should she trust this one?
 Lily Pinion spent the last few years partying in clubs and defying her father. After a tragic accident leaves her on the verge of collapse, she disappears into Maui's tourist scene to escape. Armed with Vodka, her beach bag and an attitude, Lily finds herself drunk and the victim of a violent assault. When she is rescued my the battle scarred ex-Army Ranger and bouncer Bridger  
Jacoby, She tries to disappear again. The strange man stalking her manages to find her   when even her father , enraged, is helpless to come to her aid. With little faith or hope of rescue from any man, Lily flees her attacker, grudgingly allowing Bridger to watch her back. As their desperate run for their lives unmasks both her tragic past and his experiences with his platoon in Iraq, Lily scrambles to out-smart her attacker before he kills her and Bridger.

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Published by Muse It Up publishing, November 3, 2015, Burning Bridger is the parallel novel to Killing Casanova. The character in the novel is an original from Killing Casanova, but it isn't required that you've read the first to follow Lily's story.
You can find more about Burning Bridger and Traci McDonald at:  Muse It Up's Bookstore
Keep watching and participating in the launch today! At the end of the day we'll have a drawing to select someone to win a free copy of Burning Bridger. Leave your e-mail address and any comments in the comment boxes and I'll draw from the addresses to pick a winner. Your e-mail address will not be published, just used for the drawing. Come back later and read deleted scenes, commentary from the author and special posts from guest authors., The winner of the Drawing will be notified tomorrow, so don't miss your chance to join the party and get a copy of Burning Bridger for free!

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