Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Here's Just A Taste...

If you'd like to meet Bridger and Lily here's a few excerpts from the book-
With a flick of his left hand, he spun the knife’s hilt in his palm, pressing the razors edge loosely against the other man’s Adam’s apple. His captive panted, gasping for air.
"You don’t want to start this, “Bridger growled under his breath.
“I’ll kill you,” the tattooed man choked.
“What makes you think I’d believe that?” His fingers dug deeper into the flesh surrounding the bone. His other hand smashed the blade of the knife into the stone pillar beside him. The razor thin blade breaking at the hilt. Bridger kicked the useless weapon behind him. A wrenching sound ripped through the room when Bridger pinned the man’s wrist behind his shoulder blade. “I think you should go.”
He didn’t wait for the man to agree. Shoving the guy toward the exit, Bridger ignored the scrambling feet of the cursing man. With a final thrust, he dumped the man outside The Reef’s front door onto the sidewalk.
“Don’t show your face around here again, “Bridger hissed. “Next time I see it, I break it.”
Here's our first look at Lily-

A broken sob crawled from her chest. She stepped into the sheared tufts of grass around the grave. Shifting the half empty bottle of whiskey into her other hand, she dragged her palm over the rough head stone. The quiet oblivion the alcohol provided too little distance. She couldn’t wall up her heart behind the liquor if she stood on his grave.
I’m alone, her thoughts berated. I might as well die too.
Tears burned at the back of her eyes. Was she truly lost and alone? A feral survival instinct screamed its protest from beneath the numbing alcohol.
Lily’s hand trembled around her phone. With one jab at the speed dial, she grasped for a life line.

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