Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My father told me when I was a young girl that-"A person all wrapped up in themselves makes a very small package. As creatives, authors find themselves in this predicament quite often. Between marketing, writing, editing, querying and the multitude of tasks an author has to perform...sometimes we are very small packages. An event in the community, in your area or with fellow writers can go a long way to make you a bigger package and your writing more successful.
On Blogtalk Radio's Your family matters show, Today, April 29 at 2 pm est. Justin Osmond of the infamous singing Osmonds, is talking with hosts V.S. Grenier and I about his perpetual hearing fund and his 250 mile run to raise funds for deaf an hard of hearing children in Southern Utah. Go to to the Your Family Still Matters link and listen to us speak with this great entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer about his own hearing loss and his charity efforts for others with hearing loss.
This show Wednesday  is for a wonderful cause, plus our guest is part of one of the most famous families in Utah.…/woi-justin-osmond-guests-on-…

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