Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jane Not Plain

As writers, a project or manuscript will start as one thing, only to end up as something else. Two weeks ago, as the co-host of a blogtalk radio program through the World Of Ink Network, I had the opportunity to interview the  founder of a radical new program on The Empowerment show.A few years ago, Dona Rudderow Sturn published the Jane Not Plain series, stories of a young girl discovering her importance, gifts, talents and worth in the world. This set of books focused on adolescent girls and the development of good self esteem.
Recently, Sturn and her committee have expanded this brand into the JNP project to include children, both boys and girls, from age 5 and younger all the way to 18.
Kids, parents and educators will all enjoy the interactive website,
It features an adult public Forum, Members Only Private Q&A Professional Forum, a Forum for Kids to talk to Jane & Jake directly, downloads, and more.
JNP gives parents, teachers, caregivers and counselors the tools to help children develop confidence, strengthen self-esteem, and grow into assured leaders.

In addition to a focus on building children’s self-esteem, JNP offers both unparalleled artistry and collaboration among published international authors
in the story development. The group of  31 chapter-books, set in three series, are available in traditional as well as digital interactive book formats.

The JNP Project was born out of the understanding of what makes up the faces of our inner awesome.

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