Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Paper Gems: Elliot Lawrence

The best advice, and the most fun, I've ever had as a writer is the practice of READING!
In my quest for good books, great writers and beautiful prose, I read between 30 and 50 books a month. Along my way I struggle through some decent stories, find fun plots and bask in the great ones. They all feel to me as if I'm on a treasure hunt for priceless gems. On the second Wednesday of every month I share some of these 'paper gems' and links to where you can join the treasure hunt.
Lawrence Elliot is a man who works with young people as a guide, both spiritual and educational. His work  makes a difference with his down-home approach to life and God., This first book, Practical Proverbs For Everyday Living is published by Halo Publishing and can be found at or where e-books are sold.
Practical Proverbs For Everyday living isn't a long book, but it is chock full of common sense advice about being a basically good person and finding success. As a reference guide, these practical proverbs struck me as common sense in a simple, clear way. Many of them rang with colonels of truth and struck me as good advice for anyone who strives to live a better life. The text reads as lists of these proverbs in a simple presentation. I wanted the author to provide real stories or situations in which his practical proverbs were applicable and relevant, but as I said, the book is more of a reference guide. His practical advice can be applied by different people in different situations and backgrounds and requires only a seed of faith in a higher power to make sense.
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