Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm A Lover Not A Fighter

One of the best tools I have found for my writing is a critique group. This is a conglomeration of writers that read your work and then give helpful suggestions of what the story needs. If you are in a good critique group; they are not singing your praises or telling you what a fabulous author you are. They are picking apart your grammar, descriptions, and story line. Sounds painful...right? It can be. Comfort retards growth though, and I want to be a better writer. My problem is; I have a tendency to fall in love with my own words and often I need the critical eyes and ears of readers and writers to tell the truth about what they liked or didn't like. A really good story has great characters and settings and they live and breathe inside my mind. I want to describe everything and lead you step-by-step through the story.I long to paint clear and accurate pictures for you,but often I forget that reader's are really good at painting those pictures themselves. When I drag you kicking and screaming through heavy scenery, massive internal thought processes, and self-absorbed mental musings; its not fun anymore. The battle is to give enough information to keep you engrossed in the story without boring you to tears while I'm  selling my leading man or woman. This is where the use of the five senses comes in handy. Once again; not all five at the same time. One of my favorite examples is from Harry Potter. Close your eyes and imagine the way Harry Potter looks. You are probably seeing Daniel Radcliff, but J.K. Rollings only described Harry as having 'eyes like his mother's'. She never tells you what those eyes look like. I'll bet you still managed to form a distinct image in your mind without the movies.
 A good story catches you, holds your imagination firmly in its grasp, and then lets your heart and mind fall in love with it. Without my fellow writers and readers for this important job, i could not bring my characters to life without drowning them in too much information.
for all the helpful encouragement and criticism I am eternally grateful. If you bought Killing Casanova and can help me don't be afraid to contact me. tracimcdonaldauthor@gmail.,com \traci.mcdonald.505@facebook.com, or tracimcauthor on twitter. I want people to love my stories; not fight their way through them. I'm an author. That means I have to have a thick skin; I can take it.

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