Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is a little about how I do what I do.

     Close your eyes and imagine a scene from your favorite book. Picture the look on your leading man’s face, the way he stands, and the color of his hair. What is happening all around him? What sounds? What smells? What colors and textures? Is it hot or cold?
     If the author did his/her job you can see, sense, and feel every detail. Now imagine if you only had those pictures in your mind to use to write a description that would paint the same scene for someone else. What if you had never seen with your eyes what you had to describe?
     Seventeen years ago, I began losing my eyesight. It gradually diminished over time, but up until5 or six years ago; I could still see light and color. I have not seen my children’s faces since they were very small and I have a number of friends and family members that I have never seen and never will.
     Before we break out the violins, and crocodile tears; relax, it doesn’t matter. The most powerful sense in any person's arsenal is their imagination. I am fortunate enough to possess visual memories of colors, shapes, and dimensions. I am blessed enough to have a thirst for knowledge and a sharp mind. Most importantly, I am stubborn enough to dream vibrantly.
     As a writer I see a story before it has words. I talk to my characters and they tell me what they see. I listen to the color of water. I smell the fragrance of green. I feel the touch of the sun and the wind and I see it all more clearly than I ever did with my eyes.
     In my upcoming novel ‘Killing Casanova’, you can experience the world through the eyes of a blind writer. If I did my job you will hear the pound of hooves from the horses. You will feel the heat of the desert sun, and you will see what falling in love looks like.
     When I began writing blind, my biggest struggle was that I could not see what I had written. I hired one of my kids to read the words to me and then correct and edit where I asked. As you can imagine this was torturously tedious and lasted a very short while. Thanks to groups like; The National Federation of The Blind, The Utah State Division of Services for The Blind and Visually impaired and Freedom Scientific, I got the training, skills and equipment I needed to have the computer talk to me. I am still learning how to maneuver the internet, facebook, and twitter, but there isn’t much I can’t figure out how to do. Like most people I just need a little patience and some problem solving skills.
      Everyone has a dream and a challenge to making it come true. Anything can be accomplished if you just find a different way to look at it, and never give up. A sense of humor and a good memory are helpful tools as well, but mostly just DO whatever you dream of. If you aren’t willing to give up, you will watch as your dreams come true.

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