Friday, July 27, 2012

Lindley, Nevada?

  One of my readers asked me a few days ago where exactly Lindley, Nevada is. Just to fill people in Lindley, Nevada is the ranch community where the setting for 'Killing Casanova' (the book I wrote)takes place.
Truthfully there is no such place. I don't even know if there are towns located in the area where I placed the story. I read some of the descriptions that Jedediah Smith wrote about his explorations around Utah in the late 1800's. In a trip he took from The Great Salt Lake, he traveld south, through the mojave desert, until he was south of the Sierra nevadas, and went into California. He and his party of mountain men, Native Americans, trappers, ex-slaves, and a bad tempered cook were eventually chased out of California by the Spanish government. Spain held California at that time and Jedediah's party did not have papers allowing them entrance into California. They left, traveling North and then crossed through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Needing to get back to The Great Salt Lake in time for rendeveaux, They crossed the Northern tip of Nevada before heading into Utah.
  The account I read was so descriptive. The trees, the water, the dry parched desert once you went more than a few miles away from the mountains. The sceen came alive for me, and I imagined a group of ranchers, long ago, setting up a community there. The high meadows for summer grazing, the spring run off for crops and the beauty of living where two such different eco-systems touch and embrace. The research I did helped me with the Federal Land Grant, The horses and a feasable way for people to make a living in a place like that. One of the great benefits of seeing things through descriptions is that I can create worlds, well small towns at least, that live and breathe even if they don't exist anywhere except in my mind.
  I hope that answers your question, its probably more information than you were hoping for, but at least you'll know the area I am talking about, if not Lindley itself.

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