Thursday, July 12, 2012

Utah Romance Writer Traci McDonald brings you a unique love story with her first Romance book "Killing Casanova" As you crawl between the pages, the first
person you meet is Jake. He is easy on the eyes, popular and self absorbed. At a local Bar he meets Cassie, She does not fawn over him or even try to get
to know him. In fact to his astonishment, she is frostily polite. Jake's second encounter with Cassie leaves Him even more puzzled. He is intrigued by her
and cannot figure out why his boyish charm does not captivate her, like it does other women. When he finds out the truth about Cassie , Jake is embarrassed
and mortified.  AS Jake gets to know  Cassie he learns quickly that she is  independent and focused on helping others. Several dramatic incidents  throw 
Jake and Cassie together. Each afraid to take a chance on Love for different reasons. A barn fire,a former friend out for revenge and a deadly snake rock
jake and Cassie's romantic feelings.In the end will Jake lose his Casanova complex?  will Cassie let go of her past and reach for the future?  "killing
Casanova"  has humor, Drama and a heart warming conclusion.    It breaks down the barriers of human feelings and kindness and asks you can true Love be
found? The kind that comes from your heart. It is a delightful read review by Maine romance writer Bobbi laChance, Author of "wishes" and newly released "Cobwebs"

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