Monday, August 13, 2012

APlace For My voice

 Killing Casanova is my first published novel, but it is not the first one I wrote.When I began writing seriously, not just entertaining my family and friends; I was untrained and barely skilled. As I have learned the craft of writing I have begun to realize That there are portions of many different genre's that I can write a story in. It would be simpler if I were not so scattered, but it is also a blessing that I have so many choices. The problem is that in order to really write good stories you must first be true to your voice and then find a genre that fits you. I like Young Adult fiction, Adult fiction, Fantasy, Western, Historical. I enjoy some paranormal, sci-fi and mystery. First and foremost I like love to change people. If I can find that, I like the story. The Library for the Blind sends me a conglomeration of books because my tastes are so varied. what I read has a powerful effect on what I write. I read a blog that said: Every good writer reads religiously. I am learning to hear my own voice when I write but I still struggle to feel I have a home for it.
 A friend of mine; A writer of young adult fiction,gave me great advice. She told me that if I am true to my voice; the story will tell itself. I hope when, or if you read Killing Casanova you will hear the story of two people who have been influenced by their past but choose to love, trust, and live; despite pain and loss. I think this is my voice. In my world love and trust really do conquer all. It healed a heart broken by death, betrayal, abuse, and loss. I have lived in darkness, despair, depression and doubt. I do not speak of things I don't know. I don't pretend the world is a fantasy. I do believe. That laughter heals. That hope lives and that love and light are divine. If I can find a place for my voice in my books maybe you can find a place for my books in your life. If you have read Killing Casanova: Thank You for taking a risk on my voice. If you're still thinking about it...Read it, and listen; you might hear something you like.

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