Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Author Review

Recently I have read two books by Maine author Bobbi Lachance. She reviewed my novel 'KIlling Casanova" on goodreads and amazon and I wanted to read her work as well, to get an idea of her style and voice. I read her first novel 'Wishes' quickly followed up by her second "Cobwebs'. One of the things that impressed me with her work was her ability to tell a story that was placed in a timeframe anywher from thirty to forty years in the past. This is not a difficult time frame to work with but in her story telling, I did not feel like there was a generation gap. When there were references to the time frame I had to remind myself that the story was in the pastt. It did not feel out of time and even though there were no references to computers, cell phones, or facebook. Her story was believable out of time..
 The other part of her books I enjoyed was her ability to create romances that were believable through multiple characters. Whether it was the first time romance of her leading characters, the live-inrelationships of secondary characters, or the marriages of other people in the story. Her romances were well developed and believable.
 Bobbi Lachance has a gift for story telling and I enjoyed both romances. You can find her work on Amazon and you can contact her at

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