Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Powers

    I read a blog a few weeks ago about a romance that was set in a contemporary setting, with ordinary people who suddenly discover they have super powers. A modern marvel comic that is more romance thatn comic book. I was intrigued by the idea and the premise of having super powers suddenly change a life. I was talking to my chiropractor about the idea of his specialized treatment having not only the capacity to help me heal but the capacity to release a super power. It was then that he pointed out to me; what greater power in the world is there than the power to heal?
     Dr. Kyle Durieux of Simply Health Chiropractic, is not your every day chiropractor. Dr. Durieux deals with upper cervical spine misalignment. 95 % of all nerves pass directly through the first and second vertebrae after leaving the brain. The pressure of the weight of a dime decreases the productivity of a nerve by 70%. If the majority of your nerves are being depressed think of how much your mind and body are not doing to heal itself. Think of the super powers that might be present if your mind body connection were in tact. I have been working with Dr. Durieux for just a few weeks, but already I see more light, my blood sugars are lower and my body feels the difference. If any of you are interested in unlocking super powers, you can find Dr. Durieux at Simply Health Chiropractic in St. George, Utah. at simplyhealthychiropractic on face book. or by calling 435-688-0444. He doesn't promise you super powers, but you should expect miracles.

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