Saturday, May 26, 2012


Cousin Mark asked on face book todayfor details about my writing. If I had normal technology skills and hadn't gotten my computer skills from my studies of the 12 th century, I could probably figure out how to answer him privately...
     My confession is that I am a technology moron. That's MORON, not mmormon. Mormon's are actually quite proficient on the computer, the missionaries use facebook and texting and lots of skills I do not have a firm grip on. Therefore, and to that end, I will tell my story and Hope it finds Mark McDonald's page or wall or whatever it's called.
     I have been a writer since I could write, but I have only started learning how to be a good writer over the last few years. I took creative writing classes, entered minor writing competitions, and practiced most of my life. Three years ago, July, I was on kidney dialysis. It took three hours a day, every other day, week in and week out for over two years. July began to mark the end of this challenge in our lives, when an overdose of a certain medication stopped my heart. I was a little over a month away from a kidney transplant, and it looked as if I wasn't going to live long enough to recieve my older brother's selfless gift. Through intelligent doctors, blessings, and the grace of God, they discovered the problem and I recieved the transplant.
     As my body healed and I fought to reclaim my strength, I discovered a wealth of life, energy and desire for more than just to survive. I wanted to write. I dreamed that if I worked hard enough, accepted critisism, and learned how to do it well, I could get published.
     I took night classes at the college, I got a working computer and a speech program so I could hear what I was typing. I took all the criticism, help, love and belief I could get along the way. My sister Kamarie was my best cheerleader, my friend Virginia Grenier taught me more about how to not just write but write well, and  my dear friend Alyssa Shrout, a woman who is ten times the writer I will ever be, took all of my matter unorganized and helped me make it sound pretty.
     I actually have five manuscripts, a whole list of book outlines and the beginnings of at least two other books, all poking at me to do them justice. For right now though: I have had a manuscript contracted for publication through Crimson Romance.
     The working title of the book is "Killing Casanova" and I am in editing currently. It is on track to be released as an e-book throu amazon,, i-tunes and other e-book distributors on July 23.
     June 4 is the launch of e-book's and you can find book covers, titles, and author names at the links listed in my first blog post.
     Mark if I missed anything you asked about, get my e-mail from Cindy, I'd love to hear from you and find out about the family.
     I told my husband tonight: writing is easy, its writing well that's hard work. I hope I'm working hard enough. Let me know.

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  1. Ah...I don't know if that's true, but you're sweet. :) My books would all be BLAH without your plotting instincts, that's for sure!