Monday, May 21, 2012

 I spent the last three days with a group of highly talented, powerful, kind and successful blind people at the Utah State Convention for The National Federation of The Blind. Notice the particular wording 'of' in that title. 'of' The Blind. They are a group of blind individuals working for and in behalf of the blind. I was extremely impressed with their programs in Braille, mobility, technology and independence for blind kids. They have started a program here in the State of Utah called Project Strive.  This wonderful program empowers teenagers with the skills, training, confidence, and education they need to go to college, be employed, and compete in the workplace with sighted individuals. These kids are amazing, not because they are blind, but because they are intelligent, motivated, and talented kids. Studying nursing, computer engineering, and a myriad of other careers. The NFB does great workfor and  with the blind all across the country and I learned a lot. One of the things I learned about was a company called
Blio is a company that markets e-books along with voices to read them aloud. If any one out there is interested in e-books that can be read to you aloud, go check out blioreader or meetblio to learn more. The trip was a rough ride but I met alot of interesting characters I will have to tell you about, one of these days.

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