Thursday, May 10, 2012

 I spent most of the day today learning how to work track changes for editing on my speech program. It was actually worse than it sounds. I figured it out after silent cursings and hands fulls of hair being pulled out. Just kidding, I don't have thick enough hair to waste any on my computer struggles. Now that I can use track changes though, the editing process on my manuscript might go faster. I wish I knew when it would be available and even for certain what title someone could find it under, but for right now, the tentative title is Killing Casanova, and the publish date will be posted as soon as I know it. Thanks for all the kind words and your support. Keep watching for more and I will keep trying this social media thing.


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  2. What wonderful courage you have!! I am so happy to know you and share this lovely path with you. All the Best, Rionna Morgan