Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My brain is going to explode if I spend anymore time in the virtual world so I will be quick today. You thought I was kidding about my writing being blind but have you seen the gibberish on my facebook page. I better clear up that it's just a typing and not an author thing. I would like to inytroduce you to Casanova, the leading man from my soon to be published e-book tentatively titled Killing Casanova.
     The contrast of his darkly tanned throat was startling against the deeper velvet of stubble grazing his clefted chin  and square  jaw. Jana forgot what she was saying to Miriam as his azure eyes twinkled in the light of the doorway. Jaked raked his long fingers through the dark tangle of curls falling across his brow and turned the corner of his lips up in one of his brilliant smiles. Jana had thought his eyes were blue before, but when he looked at her like that, raw predatory hunger in that smile she couldn't find words to describe their depths.

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