Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the heart lies deep and tangled places. Places for fear, places for hope. Places for triumph and places for failure. Winding tenuous ties amongst the tortured brambles of this landscape are the seedlings of a dream. True courage is not to long for ease and comfort. For it is the choking mass of fear and doubt that gives a dream great strength. Forging through the forest of failure brings that dream to life, until the heart becomes too full to hold the dream inside.
     These wonderful ladies have cultivated a dream into a reality and now it lives beyond the heart. Find their book titles and names at beginning July 2, and everyone keep your dreams reaching for the light.
Sweet Revenge by Kay Rogal
Best Laid Plans by Elizabeth Palmer (you know her as Betsi Palmer)
The Reluctant Debutante by Becky Lower
Looking for Prince Charming by Iris Leach
Love, Eternally by Morgan O'Neill (the lovely author team you know as Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O'Neill Cordes)

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